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Ship: Ron and Hermione, Prompt: A Shopping Trip

There’s just something about watching Hermione read.

He’s noticed it ever since Hogwarts. At school, Hermione always had a book in front of her nose, whether it was for pleasure or homeworkor research for Harry. Ron remembers countless little moments, Hermione with abook open in her lap in the common room, Hermione poring over the day’s lesson in Potions class, Hermione snapping at him when he made fun of her idea of “light reading”.

He remembers doing all that research on magical law and hippogriffs in third year to help Hagrid with Buckbeak’s trial. He’d been reading just as much as her on those long afternoons, but sometimes he couldn’t help himself- he’d glance up just to watch her fiercely turning pages. He remembers thinking that up against Hermione, the Malfoys’ case against Buckbeak wouldn’t stand a chance. He remembers how she caught him staring, and ordered him sharply to get back to work. When she’d looked down, though, he’d caught the ghost of a smile before her concentrating look returned.

When she’s reading for research, she looks pensive, thoughtful, brow furrowed, biting her lip as she runs a fingertip across the page. When it’s serious, when it’s for a case at work, she gets the same look she always got at Hogwarts when looking up potions or ancient magic for Harry’s sake. Her face clouds over with worry, and if you interrupt her she glares at you with fire in her brown eyes before disappearing into her research once more.

But the best is when she’s reading for pleasure, or something that really interests her. She’s alive with emotion, her whole face lit up with delight, absolutely content, lost to the world. Now that they’re living together he’s gotten used to her not hearing him sometimes when he gets home and calls out a greeting, so engrossed is she in a new Transfiguration theory or a Muggle fiction book or in translating Dumbledore’s old copy of Beedle the Bard into English from the runes. He doesn’t mind having to come and find her, say her name several times, because those little moments before she notices him are the ones when he sees her and thinks how lucky he is.

He sees her happiness, and little by little, the images in his mind of Hermione’s face contorted in pain from Bellatrix Lestrange’s Cruciatus Curse, crumpled with hopeless tears as he left her in the rain and Disapparated, stricken with horror and heartbreak as Hagrid had carried Harry’s lifeless form out of the Forest and Ron had been certain for a sickening moment that his best friend was dead- all of the pain and sorrow and fear that he’d seen Hermione bear during the war, it’s all replaced in his mind with her little smiles down at the page, in another world, not afraid, not alone, just happy. And even better, her expression when she looks up and sees him there, and she smiles up at him like the sight of him standing there is a little miracle and she can’t hold back her delight, and he can’t help smiling back.

That’s why he loves to watch Hermione read.

Maybe all of that is why he doesn’t mind at all when they Apparate into her parents’ neighborhood to meet the Grangers for dinner, and they pass Hermione’s favorite used book store she’s patronized since childhood, and she suggests they go in.

Because when she’s in her element, surrounded by all these books, beautiful and happy, it’s impossible for him to feel sad. She shows him her favorites and he dutifully peruses the dust jackets and spends most of the time watching her, and he stops worrying about the Auror office and how out of place he feels at the Ministry. He stops worrying about George and how he’s coping with losing Fred, about Mum and whether she’s okay, about Dad and Percy working themselves to the bone to stave off grief, about Harry, coming to terms with a life after the battle, still blaming himself for everyone else’s pain. He doesn’t worry about Hermione and her nightmares, or his own old insecurities, because how can anything in the world be wrong when she looks so happy?

He could watch her here forever, he thinks. And he does- at least, until they realize that they’re late for dinner. He doesn’t mind that much. In fact, for the first time in his life, Ron is the one who doesn’t want to leave the bookstore yet.

I’d take prompts if you have them! :) (For any fandom I’m in, not just HP.)

  • i get sick so easy these days, usually when i feel exhausted, overwork, vulnerable or anxious. it’s been a week of it and the body finally caught up over the weekend and put me in check
  • i’ve spent the whole day sleeping, deep in thought about things i don’t know how to articulate
  • yesterday i work a little more on this experimental piece of prose. there is little to no punctuation, i imagine the flow as an intrepid thing, something that lets time and space carry you/it in a way that has possibility
  • but i don’t know if folks will get it and i keep returning to where i would like to take my writing
  • i have a folder with two complete first drafts, one complete story that will be published this summer, and the entrails of things that are sometimes beginnings or mostly the in betweens. i do not know what to do with this body of work
  • what to do with the body
  • i wanted to be in the gym today, or run - wanted to feel my body push the boundaries i create for myself. i keep wondering where i am trying to take it, whether the destination like anything else is something i can imagine
  • but the more i centre into it, the more i long, crave, desire. i dream about a stranger who hangs his arm around my waist and pulls me close just to kiss me, lets it stay there like it is a natural place to be
  • i look away from any couple on public transport, i sometimes watch away from the couple i live with. i think of love or intimacy or even that long, drawn, infinite desire that you have because of a want that is more than lust a thing i have to deny or starve myself off: like the dessert i can only have once a week or the carbs i can or cannot eat
  • i have preferred my company more than anything else as of  late, like what solitude does to keep me safe, cradle like, focused 
  • i realise i am not a gossip folk, mean girl, trying to be ‘bad’ - i wanna be good, a good, kind, considered and deliberate person
  • last week i speak to a medicine student who wishes she had done the social sciences, i tell her we don’t need more social science activists - we need more doctors, engineers, architects, astrophysics, inventors who can create beyond the scope of oppression, who can really posit, construct and imagine a world outside of white supremacist imperialist capitalist patriarchy
  • i realise i’ve grown bored of the oppression olympics, the equality/equity/justice careerists, even more tired of the social media activists who throw around words like ‘intersectionality’ and ‘identity’ and ‘privilege’ and an obsession with media, representation and pop culture- it is a distraction, like all this talk and discussion (to the death of it) will save folks from structurally violent realities like
  • like we don’t have detention centres torturing black and brown bodies, anti-terror laws stripping our rights, citizenship and reinforcing policing that criminalises and dehumanises, like our women’s centres aren’t closing down, like we don’t have schools failing our kids who are ten and can’t read or write or are so traumatised they do not have language, or a housing crisis or an employment crisis or a food crisis, like death is not always on the doorsteps of those who look like us and sometimes don’t. 
  • we gotta do better, ask for more, do more, be accountable, refocus our energies, check our priorities and really work
  • but i’ll watch myself and only myself, it’s the only power i really got. i’ve officially checked out from all that other ish. 

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So, I picture the izanamie baby being an adorable little girl. Imagine her coming with Izaya to Shinra's at some point when she's little and hugging Celty's helmet. Like she thinks it's adorable and doesn't want to give it up.


oh my god that’s so cute

shinra’s so shocked that she’s this sweet adorable little girl and celty can’t find it in her to pry her away so she uses some other helmet for work that day and lets the little girl play with hers all day

she puts it on and runs around and shinra is appalled that izaya hardly reacts when she runs into something

"izaya!! she ran into something!!"

"she’s fine. the helmet will protect her."

All day I’ve been thinking about young Jonathan and Gethin meeting for the first time. Just imagine Jonathan seeing this adorable little human just standing around at a party, talking to someone. His gaze would be immediately drawn to the deep dark eyes that are shining and vivacious with the alcohol the man’s had. But there’s also something else that’s even more intriguing to Jonathan. He can see a melancholy deep down in those brown eyes that only confirms his suspicion that sadness and beauty sometimes go hand in hand. If the cute dark-haired man is capable of such emotions, how deep may his love be? And that’s when Jonathan knows he’s already lost – fallen without a chance of being rescued from the depths of those eyes.

Jonathan has to go over to the man as if he’s pulled there by a string. The brilliant smile he receives upon arrival makes him speechless for a second. He flirts like a pro, gives it his all. He knows he’s coming on to strong, but he can’t help it. There’s no way he could forgive himself if he doesn’t try everything in his power to make this man his. Desperation is fuelling his attempt to impress this wonderful creature, whose name is Gethin as he’s just learned.

Knowing his own forte Jonathan tries to get Gethin to dance with him. But he declines – Welsh men don’t dance. But the slightly embarrassed smile crossing that open face might just be the most adorable thing Jonathan has seen in his whole life.

Finally they talk about literature – poets and plays. The lively and passionate way Gethin talks about his favourite authors and their work captivates Jonathan at once. He wants to put him on a stage with just the right lighting and watch him talk forever. What’s even more fascinating is the way Gethin’s eyes sparkle as he listens to Jonathan reciting some of his favourite lines. They talk for hours, faces close so that they can understand each other over the surrounding noise. It only feels like minutes have passed when Jonathan notices that they’re almost the last people left at the party. The sun’s already coming up.

Before they part, Gethin promises to come to Jonathan’s premiere the next week. Then out of the blue the blond man is kissed on the lips very lightly. Before he’s recovered enough to react, Gethin has already fled like Cinderella at midnight. Jonathan absentmindedly touches his lips as they form a goofy grin. So Welsh men don’t dance, but they kiss in the first night.

(this is for gethin-moriarty for sending me such sweet encouraging asks)

Yesterday, one of the Honduras tourism pages I follow on Facebook posted something about a National Geographic expedition discovering a lost ancient city deep in the jugle of eastern Honduras. So being a little skeptical of Facebook news, I went to the National Geographic page only to find out this is real.

The fact that ruins of an ancient civilization can remain undisturbed and undiscovered for centuries blows me away. Especially on this day and age. I am totally geeking out about this. And the fact that this is in my home country makes it a million times more amazing.

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Your post about Valentine's day was so cute! Anyway, I know this pretty much goes against the ship you ship, but mine is such a rare ship that I cannot find anything about it... so, I'd love you if you could write a little something about Akoya and Ryuu??

Sorry this took so long, I hate to blame it on being sick because that sounds lame but yeah…anyway I hope you like this.  This is my first time trying to write AkoRyuu and Akoya in general.  And for some odd reason this was the one fic idea I couldn’t get out of my head for the two of them.  I’m sure this isn’t what you wanted…but yeah…here you go

And the Ao3 link!

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"Your love and beauty was as fleeting as a cherry blossom’s bloom"

Thanks to intheshadowofsignificance, I was inspired to draw a picture of Pegasus because of this ask I asked (also while colouring, I ended up with the song “You are my Sunshine” by Johnny Cash stuck in my head and all I could think about was Pegasus and Cecelia. I may or may not have cried a little). After a bit of thinking, I eventually came up with a headcanon with the headcanon being something like this;

"When Pegasus went to Japan some time after the death of Cecelia, it was spring and the cherry blossoms were in bloom. The flowers reminded him of Cecelia. They reminded him in the sense that cherry blossoms only bloom for a few weeks before wilting; reminding him how after a few weeks (days, or even hours maybe) after their wedding, Cecelia had passed."

I have no idea why I came up with such a headcanon. I just find the comparison between Cecelia and Cherry Blossoms fit very well.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be drowning in roseshipping feels

I got a new car! I will not…NOT sleep tonight because…I just love it so much. I will even name it something! But you know, when I drove it home, the first thing I did when I saw my little sis was say…”Guess who just got a new car!!! YOU DID!” Then I gave her the keys to my old car and she started crying. This has been a great and emotional day for all of us! And I’m really proud. This is the EXACT color I’ve always wanted it in, and it wasn’t even on display, but in the back somewhere. But something told this nice sales person (Matt) that I would love this Laguna Green color…wow…he had no idea that this color green is my second fav color (besides pink of course but I’d honestly not like this car in pink…). Ps. Forgive me ahead of time but I already know I’m taking pics with this car in the morning x. x…) (P.s.s.s.’s I named the car Lily!!!)

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hi so you made that headcanon post however long ago about peggy and daniel and it was similar to something i was already writing so i kind of did the thing a little - i mentioned you in a post about it and there is a link to my ao3 on my blog if you want to read it. xoxo

Yes, oh my god, I read it, and it was beautiful! I loved it so much! It literally made my day! You’re an amazing human being!

Here’s a link to anyone who wants to read this beautiful piece of fic

Also, here’s a link to that headcanon I wrote if anyone wants to look at that

Do you ever think about what you did previously that day, the things you said, your actions, and just all the dumb little things you said or did and you can just feel yourself never wanting to speak again, but the next day you do it again and you can just feel everybody getting fed up with you?

Ok I never really felt like this was necessary to say but if you wouldn’t reblog a random conversation between two friends on tumblr about one of their disabilities normally, don’t reblog t just because one of the people in the conversation happens to be mildly popular on YouTube.

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18: Talk about something that happened in elementary school

Once in 1st Grade we were watching a movie, I don’t remember specifically what it was, but I must have been thinking about something else. All of a sudden I just looked up and screamed. This was for absolutely no reason and I felt really embarrassed. The rest of that day was a little awkward to say the least. Also in elementary in 3rd grade I thought my science teacher’s blond surfer looking son was hot. Look at that, third grade and I knew I was gay! Mr. Palmer your son is a fucking stud.

To my followers:

You are special. If we play games together I hold fond discussions about you with others and even if it’s to myself, I brag about how good you are. I fangirl a little every time I run into you on your characters. I privately cheer whenever you achieve something, like getting a new mount or finishing a tough dungeon. I grin whenever you log on and whenever you post something in the chat box.

Even if we don’t play together, every time you like or reblog one of my posts, I feel warm and happy and smile for the rest of the day. If I start to feel sad or depressed I think of you and I feel better. I tell people how amazing it is to have even just one person notice my post and like and agree with it enough to click one of those two buttons.

Just know that someone thinks of you and cares about you. Know you are the light of someone’s day.

I know sixpenceee has written something about this, but I decided to share my experience! 

On my vacation earlier this month, my boyfriend and I visited The Museum of Death out of sheer curiosity. We saw a tumblr post a few days before and decided since we would be in the area anyway that we would check it out.

We did not know what we signed up for.  

When I say this place is terrifying, I am not at all exaggerating. I’ve seen plenty of gore in my life but the amount of morbidity in this little museum is overwhelming. 

When you walk in, you’re greeted by a person at the front desk. Admission is $15 per person. You are not allowed to take pictures. There are different rooms, and each room has a different category. You will see serial killers, executions, suicides, etc. It is a lot of reading. So don’t go if you’re only going to kill time. We were in here for maybe 2 hours. It’s self-guided, so you’re free to roam around and explore. There is a lot of gore. Do not commit to the museum if you’ve only ever seen gory movies because it will not prepare you for what is behind those doors. There are plenty of photographs, documentaries, exhibits and more that will shock anyone who is easily rattled. It is very similar to gore.com, which I don’t recommend to anyone!! 

There are photos of beheadings, murders, suicides, videos of gore and people dying and a room dedicated to Charles Manson and other famous murders. 

I hope this advice is helpful to those with morbid curiosities! I am not warning anyone not to go, but warning those who do! Because you need to prepare yourself for what you’re getting yourself into. It was worth it!

Make me choose:
Long hair or Short hair Onew
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10/19/13 Leafs @ Blackhawks