Make me choose:
Long hair or Short hair Onew
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10/19/13 Leafs @ Blackhawks


I started writing electronica music just on a whim. I hadn’t really delved into the world of programming and sequencing, and the endless roads that you can take via electronic music, so I thought it would be fun to take a stab at it. I got a sequencing program and wrote what turned out to be seven songs for an EP’s worth of music. I put that stuff out there on MySpace and didn’t really do much with it, just let people discover it. The response that came in was incredible.

  • Nash Grier:*stabs someone in the eyes*
  • Nash Grier:I'm sorry I was in a bad place
  • Fans:lol it ok


005. A Quote That Represents Your Feels For Her (by Tháts)

"Hey, light of mine,
My dark past seem so distant now,
Thanks to you future seem so bright, you're my holy rite.
For long I don't feel alone,
For you I've being strong.
To you all my pretty songs,
Honest smiles and poetry rhymes,
All to thank you for the life, you've made it worth while.

Only for you I have fought all my sorrows and fears.
Hey, light of mine.
Thank you for fill my heart and made it your home."
- Babi S.

The birthday cake I made for ladyofthelog and me.

it feels like my whole body is just filled with stress and anxiety so bad im shaking and the only time it doesnt feel like my heart is going to beat out of my chest is when im watching tv but i really need to study i just cant

I’m so used to losing people to my ambitions, it’s almost pitiful.

Today was literally the scariest day of my life I’ve genuinely never been this terrified it was horrible, for the first time ever a bad dream effected me so much that I started hallucinating in real life

it was funny as hell later but man my heart went through some horrifying shit

dropkickgina replied to your post:everyone who buys this “introverts are…

I spend a lot of my time thinking about big picture stuff. I notice nothing that happens around me as I contemplate the weird connections I make between things.

I’m the same way. I already have so much going on internally that I find few external stimuli that draw me out of my own universe. I’ve never found myself people-watching or paying attn to my surroundings like so many people think introverts do. 

The symptoms for hernia, intestinal cancer, and appendicitis are all the same. I have all the symptoms friday I will see if I’m gonna die or not.