So, I discovered it’s Pansexual Visibility Day so I comprised some of my more recent selfies for today! Idk how I JUST NOW found out bur I’m glad I did! I honestly didn’t realize my sexuality halfway through my sophomore year this year. I was already a huge supporter of the LGBTGQA community, and I with things changing in my life and my little bits of self discovery here and there, this was one of the things I discovered. I’m pan, I’m proud, and I’m happy being me! I still need to educate my family more on myself and my feelings, but for now, they accept it and my choices, and that’s all I can ask for right now.

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this is why no one likes you

i will treat it more as anon hate instead of opinion so i just want to say- it’s still you hiding behind the grey mask, you lil coward. 

get a life, a little bit courage, tell it straight to my face and then we can talk because right now i’m wasting my time on miserable anon who just wanted to make me sad (it’s not working hun)

I don’t look at a dandelion like I used to anymore. I don’t pause for a minute and think about what I would wish for in that moment. I think of you. I think about how, in a few years, you’ll pick up one of these little flowers on their last bit of life. You’ll have wants and desires and aspirations. They’ll change as you grow up. You’ll think really hard, sorting through the wishes in your small, but ever-expanding mind. You’ll blow them into the breeze and I can only hope to the Universe that the wind carries them to the right place at the right time. I’ll teach you that you create your own reality and that everything happens for a reason, but I will never let you forget the magic in praying to a dying flower.

The signs as poets/authors

Aries: Maya Angelou-
“To those who have given up on love, I say – Trust life a little bit.”

Taurus: Shakespeare-
“The earth has music for those who listen.”

Gemini: Arthur Conan Doyle-
“My mind rebels at stagnation.Give me problems, give me work, give me the most abstruse cryptogram, or the most intricate analysis, and I am in my own proper atmosphere.But I abhor the dull routine of existence.I crave for mental exaltation.”

Cancer:Franz Kafka-
“If you become involved with me, you will be throwing yourself into the abyss.”

Leo:J.K. Rowling-
“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one remembers to turn on the light.”

Virgo:Agatha Christie-
“I like living.I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly,acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.”

Libra:Oscar Wilde-
“With freedom, books, flowers and the Moon, who could not be happy?”

Scorpio:Sylvia Plath-
“I desire the things which will destroy me in the end.”

Sagittarius:Jane Austen-
“It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.”

Capricorn:Edgar Allan Poe-
“Sometimes I’m terrified of my heart; of its constant hunger for whatever it is that it wants.The way it stops and starts.”
“I was never insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched.”

Aquarius:Virginia Woolf-
“Each has his past shut in him like the leaves of a book known to him by heart and his friends only know the title.”
“I am in the mood to dissolve in the sky.”

Pisces:Anais Nin-

“I am lonely, yet not everybody will do.I don’t know why some people fill the gaps and others emphasize  my loneliness.In reality, those who satisfy me are those who simply allow me to live with my “idea of them.”
“You cannot save people, only love them.”


Happy Mother’s Day!

What better day than today, to tell all of you about the human being who not only brought me into this world, but continues to inspire me every day.

My Mama!

Lord knows we have had our ups and downs, and we always will. Most of the time our spats are out of my own lack of life experience, lol.

But I know there is wisdom within a woman who spent over half her life raising three entirely different children as a single mother. No, life was not perfect, but no ones life ever is. If I had a choice though, I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Now that I am 22 and have just a smidge of life experience under my belt, I have begun to realize the kind of influence my mother has had in my life. Everyday I see it a little bit more, I understand a little bit better.

If there is one person who I can say truly prepared me for a path of unique possibilities, its my mother. I couldn’t have the creative vision I posses today without her. I wouldn’t have the confidence to be all that I openly am without her. She has prepared me for life in a way that some would say is untraditional or risky. But I know differently, because despite growing up, I continue to live each and every day with hope, faith & love for myself.
My Mama taught me that!

The photos above are of my Mom & I.
Ballet, Pokémon, Photography, Cosmetology, Fashion … and now my own business. My mom has always supported me in my new endeavors. Currently she is the driving force behind the #GENDERFLUX customer service team!
I am fortunate to have a mother who is patient, courageous & selfless.
Love you Mama!

-Elliott Alexzander

My asks to Rebs don't go through so...

Okay, so my asks to rebornica won’t go through so…

I feel sick to my stomach every day when I get home from school. 1 because the world sickens me, 2 because I NEVER eat. Two days ago I was had tied a noose out of a scarf because I just couldn’t handle life. The only reason I’m right here, still alive, still breathing, is because my phone alerts me when you post something. It was one of your NightTerror comic shorts. I laughed. I had tears streaming down my face but I laughed. Then I began to think about the little bit of good things I have in my life. Such as my friends, and my partner (they are agender, so I use partner instead of boyfriend/girlfriend out of respect).

In short, you saved my life, Rebs. If it weren’t for you, my friends would be devastated, my partner would be completely heartbroken, and everything I stand for, my word, would be buried in the dust just as I.

Thank you. Thank you so much. You are truly someone I would love to call a friend. :^)

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In an article, it said a Jeca storyline got cut, but it said there was a life decision that provided conflict for the two (not exactly a love triangle), but do you think it could be that Beca was unsure of her feelings towards Jesse because of Chloe (potentially)??

In regard to storylines that ended up getting cut, Skylar Astin said that there was a storyline that was shot between Jesse and Beca that they did not end up going with. “That is a telling evolution of Jesse. I don’t want to say what it is because maybe they’ll use it another time, but I will say that Jesse became successful in what he was trying to do, in the first film.” He went on to say that it was not a love triangle, but that there was definitely a little bit of a life decision that was in their way and that provided conflict. Instead, they just decided to have Jesse be Beca’s support system in this film. But, he does hope that it will either make it to the DVD, or to a future film.

(Article for those who haven’t read it in its entirety)

I believe, from a strategic writer standpoint, Elizabeth Banks and Kay Cannon eliminated the storyline because they know how loyal the bechloe shippers are to the franchise, and they didn’t want to lose a couple thousand die-hards in favor of a story aimed at the casual fans.

But speculation is fun, so let’s do that too

  • Let’s talk about how Beca can’t have sleepovers with Jesse because of how awkward it would be in the Treble House, however she sleeps in Chloe’s room at least 3 nights a week
  • because of this she knows way intimate things about Chloe because Chloe shares a lot anyway nevermind 3am zero filter Chloe
  • when Jesse asks Beca to get an apartment with him she considers it, but one night it’s four am and chloe rolls over and says in all seriousness “beca, what if you woke up one day and you were a chicken nugget?” and they both lose it and beca realizes she wouldn’t give that up for anything
  • chloe knows exactly how beca takes her coffee and sometimes places it next to her with a half-joking cheek kiss when beca’s working on a paper and jesse still forgets that beca hates black tea
  • let’s talk about how beca and chloe have more inside jokes than anyone else in the group and it isn’t until fat amy jokingly one day calls Chloe beca’s girlfriend and beca realizes, “hey i am much closer with chloe than with my boyfriend.”
  • beca saying no to experimenting because she has a boyfriend, right? and that’s not something you’re supposed to do and also seriously chloe could you have picked a less romantic time to ask
  • beca listening to “flashlight” approximately 80 thousand times and thinking about chloe. “wait, i mean jesse, right? shit.”

and it’s just all very confusing and beca stays away from jesse for a little while while she figures all this out

Hey guys this is a really important tip! Especially for those of you who are going to college or entering the workforce.

It may seem tedious and pointless, but listen to me, SAVE YOUR CHANGE. Keep the coins from your purchases, or even ones you find. Make a habit of dumping your extra coins into a jar every night. It may not seem like much, but over time, those coins really build up. Recently I saved coins for about a month, and it totaled up to a whopping 90 DOLLARS. Yeah, that money comes in handy.

My parents have been saving coins since they got married and have upwards of ten thousand dollars in coins alone. It’s really more effective than you think, especially if you are having money issues!


People reject organs every day. Lungs are especially tricky. You know, some person is brain dead on a ventilator and we’re all acting like, “Oh, great, just put those lungs into Emma.” It doesn’t work like that. What if I’m not a good match? That’s more likely to happen than not. Then I’ve wasted this poor dead person’s lungs, and whatever little bit of life I have left here on this earth.