Four hours later, and I give up on trying to sleep. It was excruciating. I can only assume that in the many solid days of coughing fits, I’ve strained my neck and shoulders in a way that “strained” does not begin to convey. Trying to lie down, the best I can get is relatively minimal pain for about ten minutes, slowly building toward agony. All I’m doing is keeping Hubby up too, so I abandon sleep for the second night.

On the plus side, I’m not sure I’ve ever gone this long without sleep, SO TIME TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

On the other plus side, my coughing seems to have kind of abated I think maybe? So I’m hoping whatever damage I’ve done can maybe start to heal.

On the down side, I’m not sure it’ll do it fast enough for me to avoid going somewhere. And I’m so tired and stressed out, and I tend to carry all my stress in my neck and shoulders, so you can imagine how useful that is. I AM A WRECK. I am a disaster of a human at the moment. I really can’t even tell what’s wrong with me at this point, the answer is best summed up with this.

If I can maybe nap a little in my chair, I gratefully will. Otherwise, Pained Zombie Jet Wolf is here. Not able to focus on much of anything at all, but here.

Thomas Sanders Limericks

Because reasons

There once was a young boy named Tom,
Who used frogs to scare his poor mom.
He made us all laugh
With his Disney themed gaffs
And now we all think he’s the bomb!

Now Thomas he was a good lad,
Though he did act a little bit mad.
His life narrations,
Were a great creation
I’m not sure what else i can add.

Oh wait don’t forget Stewie G
A fine point of Toms comedy
This wee cartoon kid
Helped to launch dear Toms vids
And more of them we can’t wait to see.

this is what happens when netflix breaks - send help thatsthat24

I don’t know about all of this “abortion is right” thing. Abortion is the complex name for murder of a fetus, if you don’t what that child… then don’t kill it.

If you support the abortion of a kid, then you should get a little bit of love in your life, because it’s fucking wrong.

sketchbook work - pen, pencil crayon, some leaves stuck on there, and the left side is a developed film photo of me in new york. the white hand is scratched onto the actual photograph, and accompanied with some white-out pen. 


Sam’s got his priorities sorted :-D


comic book meme → [1/5] favourite male characters

↳ Damian Wayne / Robin V

"Being Robin is the best thing I’ve ever done, Mother. And even if my father does return, this is the life I’ve chosen to lead. I don’t need you to save me."