spartacus challenge: six fights [01/06]
crixus and spartacus vs. theokoles 

Tech Support (+my12percentofamoment)

The text message popped up just after 2:20 AM.  For anything else, Tony would have ignored it, but this was the ringtone he and Miss Potts had agreed upon.  He reached out and felt around on the floor next to the mattress until he found his phone and turned it on.  The little screen seemed painfully bright in the dark room.

Insurgents on Colombia-Peru border with old Soviet warhead, said the message.  Payload may no longer be viable but can’t take chances.

"Right," Tony said out loud, rubbing his face.  "I’m up.  I’m up.  I’m on my way."

He rolled off his mattress - he really did need a real bed, and with what Miss Potts paid him for this he had no excuse for not buying one - and found a t-shirt.  After a moment’s groping in the dark he dug his tablet out of the mess on his desk - he had a desk, why the hell didn’t he have a bed? - and turned it on as he headed for the elevator.

"Morning, JANIS," he yawned, as the screen lit.

Good Morning, Tony, the computer’s calm voice replied.  I suppose it is, technically, morning, although the sun won’t be up for another four hours.  I’ve started coffee.

"Good girl," said Tony with a nod.

The elevator whizzed up from Tony’s basement workshop-cum-apartment to the top floor: just above the penthouse where Miss Potts lived was what he and she referred to as the Hangar.  Most people assumed the top of Potts Tower was just a decorative spire to give the building a distinctive profile, as well as a place to put communications antennae.  Inside, however, it was home now to nearly two dozen suits of armour, some of them highly specialized.  Tony put his thumb on the scanner, and the elevator door rumbled open.

JANIS had already begun booting the control computers.  Screens were flickering as the server bulldozed through the diagnostics and system tests.  Their link to Air Traffic Control at LaGuardia and JFK - only slightly illegal compared to some of the other parts of the project - was already online, displaying the radar readings on the largest monitor.

"How do we look?" asked Tony.  He went straight for the automatic coffeemaker and poured himself a cup.

We’ll have our first opening for takeoff in seven minutes, and another in sixteen, JANIS replied.  Miss Potts is on her way up.

Tony sat down at the control desk and began flicking switches.  “Keep the coffee coming.”

The screens went blank, and one by one a bank of lights lit up green.

Diagnostics complete, said JANIS.  Project Rescue is go.

Bless people who are kind to hostesses and waiters. Bless the people who don’t get angry when they cannot sit at a certain table, bless the ones who don’t mind where they sit, bless those who even after waiting are still kind, bless those who create conversations with the hostess or waitstaff while understanding if they have to leave and attend other business. Bless people who are nice and respectful to workers in restaurants. 

Anonymous asked: Prompt: “Shut up and kiss me!” You can do what ever you want with that :) It’s just so cute ^^

Dean’s heartbeat was slowly going back to normal, adrenaline still rushing through his veins. He was trying to catch his breath, silently thanking some non-existent god that they had made it out of the abandoned warehouse alive. Even with some angelic assistance, fifteen vamps was a lot to take on. It had been a close call for him and Cas, no doubt about it, but in the end they had managed.

Still, as scary as that had been, it wasn’t half as scary as this. It was just the two of them in the Impala, and Castiel was shooting Dean one of his worried yet soulful stares from the passenger seat. The kind of stare that made Dean’s heart do funny things that had nothing to do with their earlier encounter with over a dozen of hostile vampires. Vamps, Dean could handle. His feelings for Cas? Not so much.

Of course Dean would be fooling himself if he pretended that it hadn’t always been there; that strange chemistry between the two of them. The weird electricity in the air whenever it was just him and the angel. However, it seemed to have kicked up a notch after they had both nearly died.

“Are you sure you are alright, Dean?” It was the second time that Castiel asked that question, his eyes wide and worried. “Are you good to drive?”

Dean nodded, because yeah, he was alright. They came, they saw, they conquered. Who cared if not everything had gone according to plan? Who cared if they had gotten a couple of scratches along the way?

Blue eyes darted down to Dean’s lips, and Dean’s heart fluttered anxiously. When Castiel grimaced disapprovingly, Dean realized that Cas wasn’t looking at his lips for the reasons that Dean wanted him to. It was obviously the deep cut on his lower lip that had gotten the angel’s attention.

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there exist in this world double bikes where you ride side-by-side and they’re called “sociables” and they are ridiculous.

Harriet and Peter Jaeger names:

Primrose Poison
Claret Foxtrot
Counterpoint Rogue
Isis Victory
Placetne Magistra

fooferah asked:

ST asks: 10, 21, 34

  • 10. Which character would you clash with the most?

Archer, probably. I would totally be T’Pol for most of Enterprise going “what the FRICK are you attempting to accomplish here sir can you please sit down and stOP DOING THINGS AND THINK FOR LIKE 12 SECONDS surak fucking christ.”

Note: I assume this question is referring to the main casts of Good Guys. If we’re including the Star Trek Cast of Thousands, then Gul Dukat. 

  • 21. Would you consider joining Section 31?

Unfortunately for everyone, yes. I would probably be Malcolm Reed. Idealist excited about spying when young academy kid!! turned galaxy’s actual worst secret spy. :-/

  • 34. What would be your signature catchphrase as a captain?

OMG, this is high-pressure!! I’d probably pick something overly enthusiastic like “Let’s DO this!” and maybe pump upbeat music onto the Bridge at the beginning of every shift to get everyone all super stoked to be out there Starfleeting.

The Orthodox Jews Who Share Their Seats and Their Hearts

Yoni Greenstein, an Orthodox Jewish man who grew up in Monsey and works in corporate America, realized something six years ago: many companies have seats at ballgames and events meant for clients which go unused, while many Jewish children suffering from illness and other difficulties could benefit from a pick-me-up that free seats at a baseball game, circus, or concert might provide.

With this simple idea of connecting excess and need, Yoni began keeping track of sporting and other event seats that were going to go to waste and started searching for sick or underprivileged children who would benefit from an outing to a ballgame which could distract them for a few hours from the hardship in their life. He knew from his own experience as a sports fan that going to a live event attended by tens of thousands of people can put a smile on most anyone’s face. And it worked.

Read more: http://jewinthecity.com/2015/02/the-orthodox-jews-who-share-their-seats-and-their-hearts/#ixzz3SluWlj30

are you ever like sitting or texting or hanging with your friends and you just get this uncontrollable desire to cry because they’re like your friends and you’ve always kind of been the invisible girl in the group but now you have friends who include you and talk with you and like they’re actual friends not people who you just hang out with

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{ omg so I keep thinking about the song "Sugar" by Maroon 5 and can't help but think of that being Thranduil & Tauriel's song omgggg }

           my b—r—o—k—e—n pieces, you pick then UP;
                       don’t leave me hanging, h a n g i n g
COME {give me some}
              you are the only thing
                            (THE ONLY THING),
                       i’m living for.

                         i don’t wanna be NEEDING your love
                         i  just  wanna be  D E E P  in your love 


                            it’s killing me when you’re away
                                     cause i don’t really care  w h e r e  you are 

               {  i   j u s t   w a n n a   b  e   t h e r e   w i t h   y o u  }

Hey, moms, I need some opinions! Aurora is going to be too big for her car seat soon, and Babies “R” Us is having a “Babyfest” sale, so it’s an ideal time to buy her a new one!

However, we have no idea where to start.

LIke, we didn’t even buy her current car seat & stroller so I’m not even sure I want to stick with the same brand. It’s Evenflo, by the way, and it’s really light and, um, almost kind of flimsy.

Anyway, what kind of car seat do you recommend?

okay but headcanon that tar pit can harden and cool some parts of his body when he wants to. so theoretically someone could sit on his shoulders or get a piggy back ride or something

and because he actually enjoys axel and owen’s company, you can sometimes see them arrive to a fight riding on his shoulders and it’s adorable