They Deserve Much Better: AoS Week Day 5 AU

When Cal left Jiaying for dead he didn’t know the full extent of her healing powers although the extent of her injuries meant she took far longer to recover than usual. Once she finally healed she found that he had destroyed her village in his anger and that her baby daughter was missing taken to America by an intelligence agency. She eventually tracked them down and reclaimed her daughter from the orphanage she had been left at. She changed her name and they went into witness protection under the watchful eye of SHIELD. Jiaying got to see her lively, compassionate, curious daughter grow up and Skye had the love and support of her mother who encouraged her passions. 

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Juuzou-chan + Auction Raid

Hinami getting a haircut from Touka Onee-chan VS. Kaneki Onii-chan (●△●✿)