This is so adorable!! A newly married couple dancing to Ed and Taylor performing Tenerife Sea.

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“extinction is the rule. survival is the exception." 

a playlist. explore the galaxy, fall in love a few times, and defeat the
reapers to this playlist. are you a sheep, or a shepard?

listen here

mass effect theme / define dancing / un nouveau soleil / garrus /
the sea named solaris / sunshine (adagio in d minor) / mountains /
suicide mission / reflections (extended) / heroes /
hope (xavier’s theme) / a walk / we swarm / down to earth

we’re slamming knives in each other’s chests
but the thing is that only i seem to be bleeding,
while you’re the one covered in bandages and
aching, love // do you hear the gunshots from 
          my sky is burning // suffocating with the smoke
          of our firework touch, but what about the stars?
          where does the moon dance and where do we
          lay at night?

love, my sea is gone and i have made a home
where once a sparrow lived- and i don’t know
what to do with it // 

            please make waves out of me and hold us
            like tomorrow is more than a life time away 
            and we’re all melting // i’m asking you to stay-

there is no today.

When I was younger, I dreamed of meeting the boy for me.
I’d be his stars and he’d be my moon and we’d be happy together.
But that wasn’t for me.

When I got older, I dreamed of meeting the girl for me.
We wouldn’t care what people thought, we’d scream our happiness for the world to hear.
But that wasn’t for me.

I have never thought of a specific person
Remembering all of their perfections and imperfections,
Wanting nothing more than for us to be together.
I can’t see myself dancing on the sea, revealing things never spoken from beyond me.
I don’t think there’s someone out there who’s part of my soul, that’s not for me.
Maybe my soul was never split.

Because for me, love was not meant to be.

—  Not For Me

Life is the celestial alignment of you and me.
It flows from our confluence and begets,
In a future much farther away than we can imagine.
We are more than stardust you and I,
The gods of this moment,
My ebb, your flow, we move.
And further stretch…
Your voice is the wind that pulls my hair,
Cools the crook of my neck and flutters my eyelashes open.
I see you.
Your voice is the tremor deep within the earth that heralds
The coming of fire to forge.
It moves me. Sonorous, it will bloom within me.
Life begins here.
In this heaven, where we are as old as constellations,
As ever changing as planets
As slow as the unfurling of all space and time
And life…
Life sleeps in the cradle of our syzygy.