Sorry about the wait on commissions! I ended up spending the last half of my vacation doing homework. I promise that the next bit of artwork I put up will be a commission, but since today is Trans Visibility Day, I thought I should do something special for that!

I decided to address this certain problem: trans people often get badgered about their appearance. If a trans person doesn’t adhere to society’s visual standards for their gender, they’re “fake.” And if they do, they’re accused of “upholding gender roles.”

Trans people should not be judged by appearance. We have the right to look however we want, and be comfortable with how we look!


Today the Department of Outstanding Origami has been charmed by the folded paper creations of Norwegian artist Wenche Lise Fossland. By staging her delightful origami animals in scenes composed using everyday objects, Fossland’s paper creatures take on a whimsical liveliness. A unicorn poses majestically on a hillside made of roses while a shy paper fox hides in the brush. A pair of camels pause for a rest at an oasis in the shade of a fennel bulb. A family of owls bends a pussy willow branch with their collective weight and a calm orangutan dangles from a vine.

In an interview with the Instagram Blog Fossland shared that she began experimenting with origami during a family holiday a couple years ago after spotting an inspiring origami lamp.

“It is fascinating that there is almost no limit to the shapes you can turn a flat paper into.” When the holiday was over, Wenche Lise couldn’t stop folding. “One fold took the other and I started searching for all kinds of designs,” she remembers. Finding inspiration in origami online tutorials, Wenche Lise adds her own touch to each piece by creating lively environments for the paper figures, usually with a humorous, unexpected twist. “I even look at the vegetables in the grocery store in a different way now,” she says. “A fennel can be an exotic island and the broccoli has great potential to be tree material in my origami world.”

Follow Wenche Lise Fossland on Instagram to check out many more of her playful paper creations.

[via Demilked]

Lir here, happy Trans Day of Visibility to everyone out there! I’m kinda mad at myself because my illness has gotten really aggressive lately and binding would put me straight back in the hospital, but I’m so happy for everyone today! You’reallsocuteohgosh.