No matter what band/orchestra group you’re in:

-Flutes are always perfectionists
-Trumpets always have that specific trumpet ego
-percussionists are the sex jokes and conversational sound effects
-clarinets are the quiet nerds
Saxophones come in late
-brass in general more than proudly announce their musical entrances

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You probably wont know but do you know where to find sheet music from skyrim or from any Elder scrolls for violin?? I've googled it a bunch but never really found anything reliable :/ If you have an idea I'd love to hear it! :)

When I read your question I had no idea where to find something like that. But I did a search for video game sheet music, and then searched for Skyrim at this site and found this: https://musescore.com/sheetmusic?instruments=9&text=skyrim 

Not sure how reliable it is, but maybe it’s a start. You can always tweak the music into your own version.

Btw, it’s awesome that you play violin!

Hi! Caroline/17/Massachusetts

Basically, I’m a music, (clarinet, dance, musical theater, chorus, you name it) documentary, and english nerd, a future social worker, a feminist, a foodie, and an ENFP. If you like short curvy femme girls with long hair who never shut up, I’m your gal.


I really hope that I did that URL correctly.

When they were young all the Tracy brothers displayed musical talent. Scott on the Trombone, John on the Cello, Virgil the piano, Gordon the Clarinet and Alan the electric Guitar.

Over the years, their various life pursuits took them away from their musical interests, save Virgil. Surprisingly John made a comeback to his musical talents between his return to Tracy Island and the deployment of Thunderbird 05.

For John’s first Birthday back from Thunderbird 05, Alan had the idea to surprise him with a custom made electric cello, detailed in with IR!Blue and TB5!Orange.

Lets just say it started a trend in Birthday presents that year.

Also but okay you guys I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun than at this speakeasy. IT WAS SO AMAZING. The band was this incredible twenties jazz band that they flew in from Chicago so you walk in and are greeted to the lulling sound of a muted trumpet and a clarinet and and and and just –

THERE WAS SO MUCH DANCING omg. Like people who legit knew the charleston and all those kinds of dances. And everyone danced anyone and two people asked me to dance with them so I got to whip out my ballroom moves again and it was so much fun oh gosh.

And all the cocktails were era appropriate and so cute. I drank French 75s all night which were delish and it was the best. You see everyone walking around in their sequin dresses and the boys in their three piece suits and so many amazing head dresses it was the best ever. There were so many cool people too like.

My coworker and I made friends with this group of guys AND THEY WERENT EVEN CREEPY. Like the conversation was just constantly like flowing and interesting and it was classy I felt so classy and I don’t think I’ve ever had more drinks bought for me by strangers before nor have I been called beautiful by so many people it was just rad.


John Coltrane’s Naval Reserve Enlistment Mugshot (1945)

John Coltrane, when he was 18 years old.

Coltrane entered the Navy on the same day the United States dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima (August 6, 1945) and was assigned reserve status, as were many African-Americans at that time. According to Lewis Porter in John Coltrane: His Life and Music, only limited numbers of black men served as seaman after 1942. Prior to that, they were only allowed to work as kitchen help. The Navy was segregated, and Coltrane was sent to boot camp at the black section of Sampson Naval Training Center in upstate New York. By the time he finished training, World War II was over.

In late November of 1945, after a transitional month at Camp Shoemaker near San Francisco, seaman second class Coltrane was assigned to active duty in Hawaii. Stationed on the island of Oahu, Coltrane played clarinet and alto saxophone in a black Navy band called the Melody Masters. He made his first recordings with some of the musicians from the band in the summer of 1946. But all the while Coltrane was serving, the Navy was in the process of downsizing. With the war over, bands were no longer needed to boost morale. So on August 11, 1946–just over a year after his enlistment–Coltrane was discharged from the Navy and sent home.


 hello!! I’m kip. I’m from Chicago, USA, and i’m 14. I’m pansexual as far as i know but man I like girls. I’m also genderfluid, so my pronouns change and the most recent ones can always be found on the sidebar of my blog!!

i do any art you can think of. i am an art person. i do theatre (backstage and acting next year probably) and paint and draw and journal and write. i write a lot. i also play guitar and clarinet, clarinet in concert and marching band. i could not survive without art. (i also have an amazing and weirdly broad music taste so if you need any recs hmu because i can tap into who you listen to now and give you recs off that)

my birthday is july 5th and i’m a cancer. 

twitter- qterous

instagram- k8collembola

snapchat- pterous

skype- pterous

if u add me on skype or snapchat tell me who u are!!

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English - Quality - Xylophone

English: How many languages can you speak?

3, but my French and Spanish is really rusty. I’d like to learn to speak German and Italian better as I’ve studied a little on my own.

Quality: Name three of your favourite blogs.

country-winnie-marshall / ritaamber / mumsonfans

Xylophone: Do you play an instrument?

I play several: piano, flute, piccolo, guitar, penny whistle, hand bells, and I’ve dabbled with trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, banjo, violin and various percussion instruments.

I have chronic pain in my wrist from repetitive stress syndrome mostly due to my clarinet playing and its so annoying to constantly explain why I’m wearing my brace

Calling all clarinetists!

If you play any sort of clarinet, please ‘like’ this! If you have already been added to the directory, go ahead and reblog so other clarinetists can see this and join! If you would like to add information (how long you’ve been playing for example) message me!