inspirational quotes from the sections during marching band
  • Flutes:who the FUCK left their flute in the midDLE OF THE WALKWAY
  • Bass Clarinets:Wait what do you mean none of you ACTUALLY play the bass clarinet?!
  • Tenor Sax:*trying to calm down the altos*
  • Bari Sax:FOR CUBA!!
  • Melophone:do not put sticks so far up your ass. It will fizzle into your booty
  • Trumpets:do you think if i lay on the 50 and play dead, the directors would notice
  • Trombones:*all chanting chug during water breaks*
  • Baritones:we claim this lamp post for spooderman and baritopia
  • Sousaphones:*farting noises with mouthpieces*
  • Drumline:we have the propeller hats...oF SATAN
  • Guard:plz do not throw the freshman

anonymous asked:

You probably wont know but do you know where to find sheet music from skyrim or from any Elder scrolls for violin?? I've googled it a bunch but never really found anything reliable :/ If you have an idea I'd love to hear it! :)

When I read your question I had no idea where to find something like that. But I did a search for video game sheet music, and then searched for Skyrim at this site and found this: https://musescore.com/sheetmusic?instruments=9&text=skyrim 

Not sure how reliable it is, but maybe it’s a start. You can always tweak the music into your own version.

Btw, it’s awesome that you play violin!

Hi! Caroline/17/Massachusetts

Basically, I’m a music, (clarinet, dance, musical theater, chorus, you name it) documentary, and english nerd, a future social worker, a feminist, a foodie, and an ENFP. If you like short curvy femme girls with long hair who never shut up, I’m your gal.


I really hope that I did that URL correctly.


I love you
But I can’t have you
So is the day
That I write this song

“So is the Day” by Bria Skonberg [So Is The Day, 2012]

Bria Skonberg- trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals;
Victor Goines- tenor saxophone, clarinet, flute;
Jeff Lashway- piano;
Randy Johnston- guitar;
Kelly Friesen- bass;
Ulysses Owens, Jr.- drums;
Roland Guerrero- percussion;
John Pizzarelli-guitar.


CABEZAS DE CERA - Live at NEARFEST (June 29, 2009)

For Saturday Night Live:  More than a bit of creativity shown in this great performance by Mexican Eclectic Proggers, Cabezas de Cera.  Most of the tunes are from their wonderful 2004 “Metalmusica - Aleaciones Aleatorias” album.

The Musicians:  Francisco Sotelo / drums, percussion; Mauricio Sotelo / guitars; Ramses Luna / flute, saxophone, clarinet, vocals

Calling all clarinetists!

If you play any sort of clarinet, please ‘like’ this! If you have already been added to the directory, go ahead and reblog so other clarinetists can see this and join! If you would like to add information (how long you’ve been playing for example) message me!


Miley Cyrus’ “FU” Jason Derulo’s record label, Warner Music Group, and I disagreed in who had monetization rights to my “Wiggle Clarinet Pole Dance” video and they removed it from YouTube. This video is dedicated to those responsible for it’s removal.