Hi Tumblr.

Even as I’m writing this, I’m crying a little. It’s not fair that this post has to exist. The little girl in the pictures is named Delaney “Laney” Brown. 

Laney is Penn State Berks’ THON child. (For those of you who don’t know what THON is, you can read about it here:  http://thon.org/About/FourDiamondsFund or here  http://thon.org/About/History. ) 

She is eight years old, and she is dying. Laney wants nothing more than to meet Taylor Swift, and we need to try to make that happen. 

I only have 231 followers, so I don’t know how effective this post will be, but if each of you can Facebook or Tweet at Taylor Swift to raise her awareness about this amazing, courageous, and beautiful little girl, I would owe you a huge debt of gratitude. 

Please guys, please, please, please signal boost this. Reblog if you can, reach out to Taylor if you can. This little girl has had such a rough life, but we can make it a little bit better. 

You can check out the Team Laney Facebook for more info here:  https://www.facebook.com/teamlaney7 

On May 10th my 5 year old little cousin, Mitch, was run over by an intoxicated driver with no insurance.
The back tire completely ran over his face and upper torso. He has major swelling in his brain, and many broken bones in his face/chest/arms.

Though I do not usually advocate asking for money from strangers over the internet, this is a very tragic exception.
We’re accepting donations of any amount to help to towards Little Mitch’s hospital bills, which are at well over $10,000 and still climbing.


I do not ever want to make anyone feel obligated to donate, but if you feel in your heart (and your pocketbook) and you would like to help, every penny counts.

Positive energy/prayers are accepted as well, anything you think will help.

Thank you, and please share this forward and help us spread the word.

Loki:  Is this love, Agent Romanoff?

Natasha:  Love is for children, I owe him a debt. 

Loki:  *yells at natasha*

Loki:  …This is the basest sentimentality! This is a child at prayer!


So, to sum it up. If Loki refers to Natasha as a child, and she says love is for children. That means that it really is love, and clintasha head canon confirmed no need to thank me you all can rest easy now.


Please pray for Mia Spargo, you may know her as the Russian pageant girl from Toddlers & Tiara’s. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the beginning of November in 2013. She’s only 6 years old & she’s such a sweet little angel. she’s had her second chemo therapy so far & it hasn’t responded well, Mia is in a lot of pain. I’m putting this on tumblr so you all can keep Mia in your thoughts & prayers.  

You can also like https://www.facebook.com/Miracles4Mia to see updates on Mia. Thank you <3

Update: Mia is currently going in and out of the hospital with some new difficulties, please pray or keep her in your thoughts. thank you!

Rpg maker games worth playing

i am not dead yet \o. it has been a long time XD i kind of forgot about tumblr but i will try to use it more from now on. 

But lets go to what matters i am a huge fan of rpg maker games so i made a list of games that i played and are worth playing

yume nikki- yeah everybody knows about this one it was what made me look for more games.

.flow- a fan game based on yume nikki and one of the most famous fangames. somehow i liked this one more than yume nikki(people will throw rocks at me.)

 the looking glass- another yume nikki fan game but this one have dialogues.

flesh child- it’s from the same creator from the looking glass and is very disturbing(that’s why it’s so cool) it still in early phase of development but its playable.

answered prayers- another yume nikki fan game that is fun playing. but has been some time since a update.

corpse party rebuilt- a fan remake of the original corpse party for pc98. and its awesome.

corpse party zero- a fan game that tells the story of 2 sisters that live the same events as the people from the original game but it happens before the original game. its incredible how they created a story based only on a note that appears in the original game. there is also corpse party 0  but i haven’t played this one yet and looks like it still on development.it is about the same sisters plus some more characters

Ib- another one everybody knows about. and its awesome how a game with 3 characters can tell such a good story.

witch’s house- i died so many times in this game XD. the only thing that comes into my mind when i think about this game is mahou shoujo madoka so you can get a idea of how awesome the game is XD.

mad father- actually its made on wolf rpg editor but who cares XD. again i died a lot on this one too but the story is so disturbing and bizarre that  i couldn’t stop playing until i finished it.

misao- if you played mad father you must play this one too. it’s from the same creator and has connections with mad father. the story is also very good. although misao was made before mad father i am sure the story happens after.

palette- a really old one but it doesn’t make it any less good. but i warn you this game can be very confusing since it tells the story in a non chronological way but what a story it is. 

lisa- i warn you this game is really disturbing. it will make you angry too or even sick.but well i like disturbing games so cant let this one out

schuld- a really nice game that makes you think about what are you exactly are playing since the story twists a lot.

for the lazy ones i linked all of them to the page about the game and download. so pick one and have a good time