Day 13 - Beijing to home

Yesterday we started making our way back home and this time we got an early start so we definitely wouldn’t miss our flight! We got a little breakfast and then made our way to the airport.

Business class was the bomb. I seriously don’t know how I could do an international flight in economy anymore. I was jokingly like, “I’m going to have to talk to my boss and tell her that I’ve becomes accustomed to a certain lifestyle and I need a raise.” Haha

On our layover in Dallas I spotted Adam Scott (Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec) and I was so embarrassing. First of all I was going on almost 24 hours of traveling so I looked a mess, my friend was walking next to me chomping on a quesarito from Taco Bell, then I was my awkward self and saw him, made eye contact and was like “oh my god…oh my god, you’re…HI!!!” And he smiled and was like “hi”, and kept walking. My friend was like “why didn’t you get a picture with him?” First of all, I was a hot mess, and second of all I felt bad enough saying hi. I didn’t want to draw attention to him. It looked like he was successfully making it through the airport without getting noticed. A “hi” was enough for me. But oh my god he was so cute in person. And his facial hair was on point.

Now I’m home and I have to get up for work in 4 hours. Oh, and I was looking through my messages, and daaamn so much anon hate for no reason. I typically answer everything that comes through my ask box, but your comments about my trip aren’t worth my time.

Oh and to everyone who followed me along my trip. Thank you! I really appreciate the interactions. And I apologize for the gratuitous typos. After a long day I’m too tired to proofread and fix failed autocorrects. I will fix them when I have time.

Expect an updated packing video and trip video soon. Then photos will follow

Wallpapers from Scott Pilgrim Color Edition Covers and Title Cards

Just went through volumes 2-5 (already did Vol.1) and made a WHOLE LOT of wallpapers. I’ll gladly post them all if they’re wanted. Otherwise I’ll just pick out some favorites and post those. Reblog and let me know!


“Characters on mockumentary shows look at the camera for different reasons.

For Michael Scott from The Office, for example, it would be because he’d just done something humiliating and then suddenly remember that there were cameras there. His looks were often conveying ‘uh-oh’.

Ben Wyatt, like Jim Halpert from The Office, often looks to camera as a plea like ‘can you believe what i have to deal with’.

Andy Dwyer looks to camera like it’s his best friend and he wants to share how awesome something is.“

- Michael Schur in Amy Poehlers ‘Yes Please’