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A palpable distaste for women seeped between the cracks of the conference, in comical asides and throwaway comments. When the conference’s MC, Robert O’Hara, asked a woman in the audience a question and she responded with a no, he quickly shot back “Doesn’t no mean yes?” The audience burst into laughter.

What I Learned as a Woman at a Men’s Rights Conference, Jessica Roy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: men’s rights activists aren’t pro-men, they’re anti-women. They’re sexist and disgusting and I would be surprised if most of them were not sexual predators.


Twitter is censoring and being oppressive

Spread the word that Twitter does not support freedom of speech and censors their media to fit their own agenda

Where they will ban you for quoting someone else just so they can have an excuse to censor you

Twitter is not egalitarian, and sensors people who do not share their own conserved and skewed views


Bombard twitter with complaints, or stop using Twitter until they stop censoring free speach, especially if you’re banned for quoting the person who reported your tweets…


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            ↳ It’s the greatest gift we have, to bear their pain without breaking. And it’s born from the most human part… hope. Please, Charles. We need you to hope again.  

Despite a shared feeling of disenfranchisement, most of the attendees I spoke with struggled to recall a time in their lives when they were discriminated against for being men. When asked, two different attendees mentioned losing out to a woman for a job opportunity, though one conceded that she could have simply been more qualified.

What I Learned as a Woman at a Men’s Rights Conference, Jessica Roy

not like any woman has ever been passed over for a job for a man…