gosh don’t u just hate it when strong female characters fall prey to stupid girly stuff like human emotions and interpersonal relationships

i am so disappoint game of thrones

brienne of tarth WAS amazing

but since you’ve now had a single scene in which you’ve made explicit the already heavily implicit element of romantic subtext in her relationship with jaime lannister, that completely erases every other aspect of her character both retroactively and in the future

such a shame that nothing else about her matters or even exists anymore and never will again

when will people finally stop ruining strong female characters by letting them have FEELINGS and FALL IN LOVE as if they are actually nuanced beings instead of appropriately strong and impenetrable caricatures >:(


ignoring the fact that human emotions don’t ruin characters

might i point out that book!brienne is a 19-year-old girl who joined an army and went off to war bcs she had a crush on a gay guy on account of he danced with her one time

she is also noble and pure and heroic and relentless and the truest knight in westeros

but she was always all of those things in concert with being a 19-year-old girl who joined an army and went off to war bcs she had a crush on a gay guy on account of he danced with her one time

strong romantic feelings and questionable taste in men have always been at the core of her character so even if it wasn’t also obvious as shit in the books that she’s in love with jaime (though it is) it wouldn’t exactly be ooc for her to want to tap that


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New video “Foreshadowing” with ARMOR and Gwen being awesome and adorable and Brienne all *_*


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piggybacking off Yd’s link: 15 min preview. they show Brienne & Jaime & his gift of blue(ish? idunno it didn’t look that blue to me?) armor. it is very dramatic and beautiful.


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i have since figured out and watched it 

and now

i have no more ability

to exist

bcs this show

is trying to fucking kill me

he got the armor for her

he is going to tell her that it goes well with her eyes

her face

her face

her face tho

her precious little face

because people have never done anything but make fun of her and reject her for everything that she is

she has walls as high as winterfell’s because she has no choice if she didn’t she would fucking collapse in on herself under the weight of the world’s derision

and then he does this thing for her

this man to whom she should be less than nothing, this man who has already put his life on the line for hers, tied his life inextricably to hers

he embraces everything she is in one gesture

her face

of wonder and confusion and disbelief

because who the fuck else has ever done that for her

friends, canoers, shipmates, lend me your ears,

besides all the super ham-fisted foreshadowing about cersei’s descent into ~*~*~madness~*~*~ and jaime abandoning her to run off with brienne

besides the fact that they are clearly stretching shit out so that when the above happens it’ll be the most!!! dramatic!!! it can be

the primary reason you shouldn’t have a panic about jaime and cersei’s final break not coming when it logically should have and the exact literal opposite of the canonical scene occurring instead is this:

going, “they didn’t break up when they were supposed to, so how will the narrative provide the opportunity for them to break up now?!” assumes that the break-up will happen on the show for some rational reason other than it has to

the show has at this point repeatedly made things diverge or even be the exact opposite of the books in ways that make one question how in the world the book resolution will happen……

……and then, the book resolution just happened anyway.

"So, if show!Shae legitimately loves Tyrion and Sansa and was sent away by Tyrion in an effort to protect her, how in the world is she going to end up lying on Tyrion at his trial and shacking up with Tywin?!?!"

A: She just does! Bcs she’s mad or smth! Bitches be cray, u kno.

"If Jaime and Brienne are back in King’s Landing weeks and weeks before the Purple Wedding why in the world wouldn’t they come up with some way to rescue Sansa or at least install Brienne as her protector in a direct manner that could possibly shield her from some of the shit that happens?"

A: Eh. They prefer hanging out and watching her sit around in the distance and make literally no move whatsoever to help or even approach her in any way until it’s time for Brienne to set off looking for her after she’s long gone as per the books.

"Okay but if Jaime and Tyrion part on the best of terms and Tyrion has no fresh betrayal to be the final straw and no hanging thread to confront Tywin about, why in the world would he go to find Tywin and end up killing him and Shae??"

A: Idk, He just wanders into the Tower of the Hand bcs reasons.

"Wait, if Arya and The Hound actually make it to the Vale and legit ANNOUNCE that she is Arya Stark! At the Vale! How in the world will she not immediately be taken into custody and put in Sansa’s orbit???"

A: Vale guards don’t give a fuck.

"All right but if Brienne actually freaking meets Arya and she’s RIGHT THERE, how in the world will she end up totally empty-handed with no Stark girls and no idea where any Stark girls might be??"

A: Well, Pod is so incompetent that he can’t keep eyes on one girl in the middle of an abandoned fucking landscape! And Arya teleports to Maidenpool to avoid immediately meeting them again in the general area of the Vale!

I could go on.

I was talking to yellowdelaney about the clearly platonic nature of Jaime and Brienne’s relationship and well, I thought, what better way to examine it than to explore some of their most memorable scenes. With my own twist!

For instance, there’s a certain dream I’m sure we all remember… I just made a few MINOR ALTERATIONS to highlight their wonderful bromance. The essence is still there, I assure you.

Read More

and this why you don't get me started on my cersei feels

The thing is I hate what GRRM makes of Cersei Lannister. I HATE IT SO MUCH.

He’s a built a character whom he makes miserable and simultaneously allows literally NO POSSIBLE ROUTE to happiness. He creates a woman for whom he acknowledges the impact that crushing institutional oppression has had on her life and the way that it’s shaped her choices, but simultaneously presents her as inherently wicked. Even the things that she strives for are just shadows of what she actually wants, because that crushing institutional oppression makes her true desires unattainable.

Then he doesn’t even try to give her any redeeming qualities. She attempts to play the game, but increasingly and persistently fails at it. She loves her children, but he portrays her as a terrible mother. Her closest relationship is an incestuous one with her twin brother, but she’s unfaithful to him (while he is, of course, a paragon of fidelity because obviously) and whatever love she has for him is twisted by her need to manipulate and control or supplanted by her paranoia.

So she’s left utterly alone to watch everything she attempted to build crumble around her and it’s presented as being due to her own ineptitude.

So what you end up with is an Evil Queen that the narrative grants NO RELIEF, NO DIGNITY, and NO OPTION but to suffer ceaselessly until she’s overthrown.

Oh and just for funsies, he tosses in a prophecy about how she’ll suffer ceaselessly until she’s overthrown that she’s known about since she was a child, has haunted her since then, and is increasingly driving her ~mad~ so that when he finishes completely destroying her he can point with pseudo-profundity and go SEE A SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY~ SHE BROUGHT IT ON HERSELF~






I don’t understand why the go-to modern AU athletic thing for Brienne isn’t SWIMMER.

She has a total swimmer body, as described: super tall, muscular, broad-shouldered, flat-chested, big hands and feet.

She’s from an ISLAND.

Even her hair, all straw-like and whatnot, could be a result of all the chlorine?!?!?!?!

Someone get on this.

things that annoy me
  • Random dudes calling me “sweetheart.”
  • People hogging half a row of seats in the theater for their entirely absent friends.
  • Those fucking hard plastic things that small electronics come in that are impossible to open.
  • People acting like shipping Jaime/Brienne is a deliberate attempt to take something from Cersei (bcs Jaime is her property obvs) out of misogynistic hatred omg!!11 rather than investing in the relationship that the narrative is clearly directing the audience to invest in.
  • The super noisy birds near my house that start chirping at 4AM every damn day.

Here is a thing I’m doing because I am a ridiculous human being.

Content Advisory: Sex. Eventually.
Character/Pairing: Jaime/Brienne
Spoilers: If you can parse them from the AU setting, sure.
Summary: In which Miss Brienne Tarth has an extremely eventful Season.


jaime/brienne is a terrible ship that will never happen because when they first met as captor and prisoner on opposite sides of a war they were mean to each other and he thought about killing her to escape [but in reality saved her life numerous times instead]……………… and that thinking about killing his captor and enemy in a war during the opening of a story about unlikely bonds between unlikely people overrides all of the changes in their relationship and opinions of each other that are the focus of their entire storyline and renders them eternally unsuitable……………..

that is an actual argument

that an actual human being made

is this human unfamiliar with the concept of character and relationship development? did this human simply stop reading after jaime’s first chapter in a storm of swords? has this human being just never experienced fiction before in their life?


re: game of thrones season four trailer

I love how when I watch anything GoT/ASOIAF-as-a-whole related, I am reminded of my extremely specifically LASER-HONED interests.

Things I Care About:

  • Brienne
  • Sansa
  • Arya
  • Brienne/Jaime
  • Brienne/Happiness
  • Brienne/Me
  • Laughing at Jaime
  • Having Inconvenient Feels About Jaime
  • Sansa/Happiness
  • Sansa/Ladies
  • Arya/Happiness