astrid tagged me in a top 15 albums thing but since it’s always so hard for me to nail down my all-time favorite albums (i have so so many) i’m going to go with my favorite albums at the moment/what i’ve listened to most this year. in no order

  1. slint - spiderland
  2. julee cruise - floating into the night
  3. ride - nowhere
  4. nicole dollanganger - observatory mansions
  5. red house painters - down colorful hill
  6. chelsea wolfe - apokalypsis
  7. low - i could live in hope
  8. grouper - dragging a dead deer up a hill
  9. piano magic - low birth weight
  10. perfume genius - learning
  11. sonic youth - daydream nation
  12. cranes - loved
  13. waxahatchee - american weekend
  14. the clash - london calling
  15. liz phair - exile in guyville

i’d invite all of my followers to do this (especially orlandobloomers) and to tag me, i love seeing favorite albums lists


Just picked up a Powerball ticket after getting my gigantic quesadilla for dinner. In the mathematically very, very, very (etc., and C) unlikely event I win the jackpot, I have some big plans for that cash. Sure, I want to quit my job, create some philanthropic/lobbying organization going for progressive causes (probably getting student debt to be the easiest to discharge through bankruptcy instead of the most difficult, and single payer healthcare), plus traveling around the world to finally meet Tumblrs in person I haven’t met yet (plus, just travel in general). Plus, a nice Atlanta condo.

But also, and this is a big change in lotto fantasies, I wouldn’t attempt to compete with the international billionaires buying $50 million and up high-rises in NYC. Nope, I’d be happier with a much (relatively) cheaper house in the Hollywood Hills. Your own pool, incredible views (sometimes of downtown LA and the ocean) and gigantic kitchens, plus plenty of room for a recording studio.

Oh, and all you LA folks should come hang out a lot.