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Do you think you would enjoy making a sort of unboxing video when your cintiq arrives? You could show of your fabulous new baby, and maybe demonstrate a few of its features to those who are considering getting one of their own but find simple written reviews not so helpful. Also every video you make is golden so

hell yea im gonna make an unboxing vid THIS WILL BE THE MOST IMPORTANT UNBOXING OF MY LIFE

new arrival || haleb

Driving back home to find Hanna in the kitchen, nearly crying in pain was one of the scariest things Caleb had ever had to experience – they’d spoken and prepared for this day for months, and yet nothing could quite prepare him for what was coming. The reality of the fact that in a few hours time there would be a new born baby and he would be a father hadn’t quite settled in yet. Needless to say he was terrified for what lay ahead but for Hanna’s sake he was holding it all in, he had to be brave for her sake and hold her hand throughout all the pain; he needed to start to take his new role up seriously and that was exactly what he had been doing.

The drive to the hospital had been a speedy one, he’d wasted no time in rushing her to the hospital, although he knew how much time they had he didn’t want to take the risk of Hanna giving birth in the front seat. They’d arrived in the building just moments ago and already doctors and nurses were swarming the female to take her into her room and see just how things were progressing. “You’re doing great, Han.” He reassured her and gave her hand a squeeze, his lips curved into a small smile. “We’ve got this.”

Two years, a new baby, a few sleepless nights, countless interviews, too many tears to count, and a massive bout of self doubt later - I have a new job!

I knew it was time to change jobs and had decided that I was going to step out on faith when my maternity leave was over. However, the universe decided to meet me part way this time.

My new job is going to allow me to do all the things I love with fewer of the problems. I’m actually getting excited about my career again, which is a great feeling.

I’ve gotten so many new followers in the last few days that aren’t baby related and I just want to say HIIII and prepare to be bored to death.

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it's not the car she got for her 16th that was white inside!! this is from a few months back when she was snapping about her new baby or whatever!!

Um if you go on her insta the caption is ‘my first car, my first love’ so i’m pretty sure that it is actually???

Thousands Remember Slain Police Officer And New Mom Kerrie Orozco: “Kerrie Has Gone Before Us, We Must Now Kerrie On”…

Officer Kerrie Orozco was a police officer with the Omaha Police Department. She killed by a black gang member last week. She just had a new baby girl a few months before, born prematurely, and the baby was to come home the day after she was shot. 20 minutes until #OfficerOrozco funeral. This was a […]

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Had an awesome busy day today!!! Taught two classes, hit up 3 grocery stores and kicked dinners butt!! Bison burgers with pepperjack cheese, sweet onion and tomato, egg and a small sweet potato which I used as a spread!! My first Mason jar salad was a huge hit! Definitely making it tomorrow along with others!! Needed to use some apples up so I made a fresh jar of apple juice right out of my awesome Breville!! Can’t wait for tomorrow to start making meals for the next few days!! Sunday funday!!! New beginnings baby!! #thejourneycontinues #tryingtogetitright #dinner #juicing #lifeisgood

So I said in my post for Verdelly doodles’ birthday that I have nearly 300 ocs. Well, I decided I wanted to know for sure, so I added in a few new babies to my spreadsheet (yes, I have a character spreadsheet and I will not deny that it is one of my most valued creations) and I discovered something horrific.
Not only had I reached the milestone of 300 freaking dweebs.
I had missed it. Surpassed it. 


Actually send help to my address, because I need it.  

Cosplayer of the Week: Donttouchmymilk Cosplay | Food and Cosplay

The staff here have been super busy over the last few months creating our new project/baby and now we are so pleased to announce that we now have a blog! Part of the blog will have an extension to the #cotw feature so without further ado, our feature on Donttouchmymilk Cosplay http://ift.tt/1FPSz4t
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After hours of intense labor, Millie swore off being pregnant ever again. However, she was very happy to be given a new baby boy in her arms. After discussing a few names from Theo’s home planet, they decided on a regal sounding name of Jamison or Jamie for short. 


Whenever I feel like drowning, I jump on a train and visit grandparents. Their home always full of surprises. Like today, I met few members of (temporary) family, baby goats, five new baby goats. And this one is kinds friendly. So as a mainstream kid, I took selfies. My mood is getting better

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Hello! I was just wondering what advice you'd give to new owners of sphinx kitties? My boyfriend is allergic to cats and we've discussed possibly adopting. I know they can be a handful when they're young. Any tips or odd little things to share?

Hurray for adopting!

On being allergic, make sure you know what aspect of cats your boyfriend is allergic to. Some people are allergic to cat dander, saliva, hair, etc.

Once you have adopted, take your new four legged companion to the vet for an overall check up and to schedule for a HCM scanning.

Sphynxs have very fast metabolism so make sure to buy a good quality food and check for food allergies ( sphynxs are known for stomach issues and sensitivities).

Your new baby will need ear cleanings every few days, baths about once a week, cleaning between toe webbing since a week and face cleanings every day.
Just because they do not have fur, doesn’t mean they are “easier” to take care of. Sphynx require more cleanings and vet checks than a typical DSH feline.
There is a lot but if you have specific questions, feel free to ask :)