Equinox party prep is underway!

Well, only swampseer will be coming over as everyone else was busy, so it’s less of a party and more a small gratitude ritual and observation of Persephone and Hades reunion.

Boyfriend went to go pick up the food ingredients and then I can begin cooking! Altar is mostly set. Porch is somewhat decorated.

I’m so excited!

My boss today asked me if I was aware that I had just walked under a ladder.

I told him yes and asked why it mattered.

He told me “well you people, believe in all that superstition and nonsense right?”

So I told him “I’m a witch, I am superstition.”

A Day in the Life

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 1765

Warnings: None

Description: An assortment of some short clips from an “A Day in the Life of Dan and Phil” video, AU where Dan and Phil are in a public relationship. Written from the viewers POV. *shrugs*

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Beatles biographer, Hunter Davies, has recently revealed exclusive original manuscripts of some of the Beatles best songs ever written for his new upcoming book. Some of those songs include A Hard Day’s Night, Yesterday, In My Life, A Day In The Life, and Help!. More information about these songs can be found here.

Davies’ book, The Beatles Lyrics: The Unseen Story Behind Their Music, will be released on September 25 and can be purchased on Amazon for only $26 (hardcover) and the Book Depository for $37.55 (hardcover)

When we're having the "staff relationships" talk...

and all the first-time RAs are just like 


"THAT’S OK???"

and returners are a mixture of




…and then you look up and see that the hot new RA is looking at you and smiles when you make (and maintain) eye contact. 




…at least he’s in a different area staff? hmmmm….