Zurb is smart.

On the top is Zurb’s company website. On the bottom is their web app Verify. Notice any similarities? Without even looking carefully, I was able to recognize that Verify was made by Zurb just from the navigation. As opposed to developing a separate identity for their product, they reused a familiar element (the navigation) from the company site. The layouts are even similar to boot. Some may see this as lazy, but it’s actually quite smart.

+1 for @Zurb

Reveal: jQuery Modal Goodness

Just pushed out a new ZURB jQuery plugin for modals - it’s got some awesomeness going on. The coolest part is the implementation for a designer - after attaching the JS/CSS for the plugin the only thing a designer needs to do is add their modal markup and give the click handler a “data-reveal-id” attribute that points to the ID of the modal.

Check out the ZURB playground page to see it in action or to get the kit. The playground page is a bit nuts, but I enjoy it :)

Lead by Design

“Designers don’t need a defined role to lead. In fact, designers should look at this opportunity to lead through influence. Progressive design has taught us that design leadership doesn’t require a title or even heavy management experience, only a strong desire to learn people skills and shape outcomes in an organization with design.”

Verify: a concept testing application from interaction design firm ZURB

Verify helps Web designers create evaluative tests for their design elements and receive audience feedback. Users can upload an image of a design, create a test for it, and then offer it to users to evaluate its effectiveness. Several kinds of tests are available, such as memory tests and A/B preference tests. Here’s a working demo of a Verify test.

California bound.

It’s been quiet around my blog as of late, but I’m coming back to you today with a huge announcement as to where I’m going next.

I’ve accepted an offer from ZURB, a Campbell, CA-based interaction design and strategy company where I will be responsible for a variety of marketing efforts. I couldn’t be more thrilled to join their team.

This move is an exciting step for me at this point in my career. I’ve always been extremely fond of the San Francisco Bay Area and can’t wait to get back and get started.

I’m heading out to California this week so if you’re in the Charlotte area and would like to meet up before I go, hit me up and we’ll find a time to chat!

Peace, North Carolina. It’s been real.