You know what I loved about Mai and Zuko? Even after he was away for 3 years hunting the avatar, once Zuko returned it was like nothing happened. They picked up right where they left off. They loved each other so much that they waited for each other with out even having to ask. I really hope that happens with Korra and Asami! Like I could imagine Mako acting awkward around Korra when she returns, but Asami would probably act as if Korra hadn’t been gone for so long. Now that my friends is true love!

I always thought that the last agni kai (zuko vs azula) was just named that way because it was going to be the ‘last’ agni kai in the show, but what if it was named the last agni because it really was the last agni kai…forever….The transition of a new firelord that is going to change the way the world looks at the fire nation….the last agni kai signifies the end of the fire nations rule…the fire nations fight for ultimate power

It is decided

I am going as a casual Zuko cosplay for Halloween this year.

Note when I say casual. VERY casual. I’m not going full robes, and insane make-up scar or anything.

I’m thinking some darker jeans, a brown jacket, a red shirt, some kind of jewelry, and some red face paint. Simple enough.

What do you guys think?