If you’ve been sending Alex hate, YOU’RE the one who’s literal trash. Alex said NOTHING wrong. All he said was all lives matter, which is 100% true. In no way, shape, or form was he trying to make it about white people or make it seem like white people were oppressed. I have no clue where people got that idea from anyways. He was also 100% right about the fact that the whole deal in Baltimore has gone way beyond protesting. Protesting is great and all, but not when it gets to this people. He was right, fighting violence with more violence is not the way to do it. It’s fighting fire with fire. If you’re protesting against animal cruelty, would you start being cruel to animals to “send a message”? No, because that’s exactly what you’re fighting AGAINST. Point is, Alex said absolutely nothing wrong and all of this crap being said about him needs to stop because the things being said about him disgust me.