Zachary Baldus


1) Ororo Munroe by Julie Bell

2) Emma Frost by Gabriele Dell’Otto

3) Wanda Maximoff by Phil Noto on Tumblr

4) Kitty Pryde by Zachary Flagg Baldus

5) Molly Hayes by Jo Chen

6) Danielle Moonstar by Joshua Middleton

7) Hisako Ichiki by John Cassaday

8) Laura Kinney by Marko Djurdjevic

9) Hope Summers by Kaare Andrews

10) Neena Thurman by Simone Bianchi 


From here, the pencils from five pages of New Mutants #5 by Zacahry Baldus, showing Warlock arriving back on Earth (and transmoding a couple of rather aggresive missiles en route, who find they’re much more amenable ince they’re given sentience and freedom).

He then finds both the remains of the Xavier school (with a random picture of his old team and selfsoulfriend) and then the discovery that said selfsoulfriend’s grave appears to have been disturbed…. dun dun DUN!