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Send me a character and I’ll tell you:

NOTP: All ships
BrOTP: Seto x Yugi (?)
OTP: None
Second choice pairing: None
Fluffy pairing: None
Angsty pairing: None
Poly ship: None
Weirdest pairing: None

Here’s the thing with DM. I watched this Yu-Gi-Oh series when I was a child, probably around 7 or 8 or so. After that I branched from Yu-Gi-Oh and did not return to the fandom until late Zexal II, which was around Sep. 2013, so, uh… Yeah. I have some sort of innocence ladled with this particular series that I don’t want tarnished, so I actually don’t ship Kaiba, or many people in DM, with anybody.


Comparisons: Wow, I never knew how similar these scenes look, so I decided to do a comparison for this one ^^

This time I compared two similar scenes from Duel Monsters and Zexal II about Yugi and Yuma talking to their partner about their doubts and worries on the current situation. After their partner listens to their concerns, they both gives them advice not to worry too much about it, since there will always be a solution to solve it :)


Comparisons: Awww, I chose to do a sad comparison, this time I compared a sad scene from Duel Monsters (Arc 4) and Zexal II (Arc 5). 

LEFT: Yami spending his last moments talking with Yugi in his arms before he fades away.

RIGHT: Nasch spending his last moments holding a unconscious Iris in his arms, before watching her fade away.

Let’s just take a moment to think about Kaito slapping Yuma. It was kind of unnecessary and silly, but absolutely great. That makes me sound awful but let me explain: Kaito is this 18-year-old chuuni whose life until recently was entirely devoted to stealing people’s souls in order to save his little brother all while having a crazy evil-controlled father so he doesn’t know how to deal with people normally now that he has the chance, so yeah all his friends are middle schoolers and when he shows up and one of them is freaking out of course his natural reaction is to SLAP A 12-YEAR-OLD. When I think about it like that all I can be is incredibly amused. Never forget the beautiful kind wackjob that Kaito is. Also let’s appreciate how dead inside Shark looks here.