You Can (Not) Advance

Just so you guys know, I was never saying that it was bad to be proud of taking advanced classes (Yes, I took advanced english too! The exact subject I used as an example in that post) but do you know how annoying it is when people are like, “Hey, what advanced English homework do we have?”, “Do we have advanced English next?” or “Can you read over my advanced English assignment?”. It’s just really annoying and I highly doubt that your peers care that much about what level you’re doing. PLUS it can be really condescending.

alaricseer asked:

"I can't be in love with you!" [[sorry in advance angst-sama]]

((Ah, I think this will fit nicely in our main verse; after the bite drama.))

“Obviously, you’re of the Fae class.” The comment was dry and cold, paired with half lidded and almost mildly annoyed mismatched eyes Sable let his stare linger before he turned to pour himself a cup of black coffee.

cefli asked:

hey this is kinda wierd to ask but do you know any websites i can practice anatomy in? like i decided i wanna git gud at drawing and stuff and i read you need to start with anatomy so do you know? thanks in advance

You can always check you my anatomy tag, I think I have reblogged and tagged a lot of websites and resources in it. /tagged/anatomy
I can’t recommend anything specific because I’ve actually had no time to check out any properly. But dig in! Maybe you’ll find something useful.

Also, if you want you can also try figure drawing. This YT channel seems really cool and I’ve had it bookmarked for a long time but again, no time to check it out. Figure drawing is really useful, and drawing croquis style really improves your eye to spot the important lines and angles. Video doesn’t beat a live model but it’s still something! Youtube channel: onairvideo

You can also just look up stock references. My favourite stock photo site is senshistock on deviantART. It has a lot fo different poses, contexts and angles.

What I personally find useful when trying to figure out a pose or anatomy in general is simply taking a stock photo and simply drawing on top of it. I don’t mean tracing but figuring out the general lines and angles and then adjusting them to suit your needs.

 Just try to understand how things work (also behind an object) and you’re already one step ahead!

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i'm a different anon from before, but if you don't mind and if you get a chance, do you think you could upload the pythacarus scene where pythagoras confronts icarus about his betrayal? that entire now infamous scene, where they're both crying and the beautiful "you mean everything to me" line. i just love it so much. you don't have to, because i understand that copyright issues are scary, but it's definitely my favorite scene throughout the entire series probably, thanks in advance if you do!

Sure!  I can upload that one.  It really is one of the most powerful and beautiful scenes it makes me cry so much and Joseph and Robert are incredible.  I’ll upload it as soon as I can and post the link to my blog :)

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1, 8, 14 xx

1.  What’s your best study tip?

Plan ahead!  At the beginning of the semester, go through your syllabus and plan everything.  Plan all of your reading.  Plan out each of your papers: brainstorming days, outlining days, drafting days, and revising days.  Schedule in study days every day for a week before an exam.  If they’re already on your to do list, it makes it impossible to forget.  (It helps if you have a planner with daily spots where you can put it on your to do list far in advance).

8.  What is your number one study tool?

My planner(s), hands down.

14.  Why did you make a studyblr?

I’ve tried to find a perfect niche for myself in the Tumblr community, but I always found myself bored with the type of posts that went with certain types of blogs.  Then I realized with my organization and planning, a studyblr was something that perfectly fit my hobby and my personality and I absolutely fell in love with it.

Send me numbers!

beautifulscarsoncriticalv3ins asked:

So my girlfriend and I are both littles but we decided she could be the dom in our relationship as i tend to be in little space more often. We're not keen on the terms mommy or caregiver though, could you give me some suggestions on dommy things i could call her please ? Thank you in advance :-)

The perfect name cans make all the difference in a relationship, but I know how difficult it can be to find a good name. Especially for a Mommy Domme.

Here are some names I could come up with:
- Momma
- Queen (this is good if she calls you princess)
- M'Lady
- Goddess
- Mama Bear
- Panda

The thing with a name is make it special to you’re relationship. Find the perfect name for you.

Good luck!

~ Baby C ~

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I haven't been on tumblr since like forever and now I can't find pearlgains anywhere D: I found a post you reblogged from her long ago and was wondering if you could tell me what is her tumblr name now.. Thank you in advance! ♥

Ooh, I’m sorry I can’t help you out! I think she might have deleted. :(