Sam Sniderman, the founder of the legendary Sam the Record Man music store, has died
Sam Sniderman, the founder of the legendary Sam the Record Man music store, has died. He was 92.

Sniderman opened his flagship store on Toronto’s Yonge Street in 1959.

The iconic store with its huge flashing red neon record signs closed in 2007, seven years after he retired. (Peter J. Thompson/National Post)


Why I Love Toronto

7 West Café

I have had moments where at 2am, after consuming a large quantity of alcohol, I need some food. Unfortunately, there are times I’m not close to a Smoke’s Poutinerie and/or Poutini’s putting poutine out of the question. So it’ pretty awesome that Toronto has a large number of 24/7 restaurants that can serve my hunger needs. Now the 24/7 restaurant I am writing about today, 7 West Café, had the honour of serving me my first meal of 2015, which was so much better than my first song of 2015 which was Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. On a side note I want to start a petition making Shake It Off by Taylor Swift the mandatory first song of every New Year. Why? Because we just need to shake off what happened in the previous year and just do better the next.

Back to the post though. After our New Year’s party came to an end me and the crew were feeling hungry and not wanting to start 2015 with McDonald’s we headed to Charles Street (in between Bloor and Wellesley) to 7 West Café, a 24/7 restaurant that is housed in a beautiful old Victorian Building. Before I talk about the about the food let’s talk about this charming former home. There are so many wonderful features to this building such as the narrow staircase, the beautiful pair of stained glass windows, exposed brick, an old fireplace, beautiful benches and a ceiling that is painted as a blue sky with clouds reminding me of the atmospheric style, similar to what was in Runnymede Theatre. God, I really want to buy a house like this one day.

My favourite thing on the menu is the Grilled Cheese it is super yummy! The pasta is also pretty great, I like the Penne the best, and any of the Pizzas are delicious. Furthermore there are a ton of tasty looking desserts on the counter, which I have never tried because I fill up on everything else.

To sum it up, I think I started 2015 in the best way possible, and the food was just part of it. Plus it is a great option for a date night and I’m not just saying that because google describes it as “romantic multilevel cafe.” Whether your date is in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night where you want to continue talking to hot guy or girl you met at the bar, then I would suggest 7 West Café. The food is pretty cheap, the atmosphere is really warm and cozy and you never have to question whether or not it is open or not. #Perfect