The theme in my class this morning was the second sutra of the Aquarian age: “There is a way through every block.” Doesn’t it just feel nice to read? See if you can remember there is a lesson in every situation no matter how bad it seems and that the world is your classroom and people are your assignments! #love #yoga #yogibhajan #sutras #spiritjunkie #wellnesswonderland (at Red Lotus Yoga)

-954 días de Loto Atado -Ilumina la oscuridad-

Sat Nam yogis, yoginis y demás seres de luz,

Como hoy es domingo, está lloviendo y me apetece…

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“Kundalini Yoga…Es una tecnología científica para la felicidad

“Kundalini Yoga es el desenroscarse del ser.
Es lo potencial de la creatividad del Infinito en lo…

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"When you understand who and what you are, your radiance projects into the universal radiance and everything around you becomes creative and full of opportunity." - #YogiBhajan✨

#30dyc day 15. Camel pose, #ustrasana 💕 This posture opens your heart in a very grounded way. This version I call praying camel, is a bit more advanced and requires more core and leg strength bc you must find the support from a deep and complete connection to yourself and that connection is also to the divine source. Enjoy this often and reap the benefits of a connected sense of inner peace, as well as universal and self love. 🙏 #nofilter #beach #yoga #love


-958 días de Loto Atado -La cebolla infinita-

Sat Nam hermos@s,

Otro día más de Loto Atado. Esta práctica es tan hermosa…Me parece increíble que…

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#AncientFutureWays #African #ShaolinMonks
“Prayer goes where it will. And when the #heart gets into the #prayer, every beat of the heart creates a miracle. If you want to see and #feel the #power of man; man’s #power is in his prayer. And where #prayer goes, #God follows. That is one area where #Almighty #God follows man. That is the #power of #prayer.” #YogiBhajan #MooreLove #MooreHealing #MooreTeachings

It’s 2 days until my new website launches!

All kinds of reasons to postpone the launch have been coming up for me and I recognize that this is my own resistance and fear of being vulnerable. Fear of being judged and of sharing my words and work with anyone that finds it. I realize this is my challenge: to follow through with the launch even though I’m scared of being misunderstood or misjudged or ridiculed. What I do, I do with the intention to shine and to grow and to inspire others to do the same. 2 days away from launch, the words of spiritual teacher Yogi Bhajan (taught to me by @gabbybernstein) are with me right now: “When the time is on you, start and the pressure will be off.” I know that now is the time. I don’t feel “ready”, but I feel CALLED. Not answering is not optional. I feel called to teach and to learn and anyone who feels called to share in my journey is welcome! #websitelaunch #countdown #entrepreneur #artist #lifelessons #inspiration #yogibhajan #journey #answerthecall #followyourheart