mushroomsandgoldfish asked:

If you haven't already, could you please describe the relationship between an INTP and an ENFJ?

Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi, in Star Wars.

Two different teaching methods, they use…

Yoda gives Luke a bunch of abstract puzzles to solve. He is rarely specific or clear, but instead wants the boy to learn to use his mind and figure things out on his own. Yoda himself says that the future is unclear and uncertain; he does not have a futuristic vision nor does he settle on one conclusion, but instead desires to remain open to numerous possibilities. Former experience weighs in to Yoda’s decisions, to some degree, but mostly he is Ti/Ne. Abstractions to the highest possible degree – subjective logic spread into ideology. 

Now, compare that to Obi-Wan and his method of teaching. Foresight. Foreknowledge. A greater vision for his life, which he also wants Anakin to embrace. He is a man of quick action, of blatant Fe-values. Protect the innocent. Our lives do not matter in comparison to the greater good. Self-sacrifice is necessary to accomplish great things. Though he has his doubts about Anakin (”Yoda is right; the boy is dangerous”), Obi-Wan puts them aside to teach him, because Qui-Gon wanted it, and because he sees great potential in Anakin beyond what he himself can comprehend.

The two of them – Yoda and Obi-Wan – often believe in the same ideals, and uphold the same Jedi Code, but Obi-Wan’s approach is far more forward thinking and selective in its truths, whereas Yoda’s is more open to unfolding events. They certainly respect one another but do not always see things in quite the same way. Granted, they don’t share a lot of screen time … but their individual values and methods are apparent in their differences.