Happy (October) Halloween everyone! October has been such a messed up month for me and thank you to everyone who has been there for me. Actually, thank you to everyone for sticking with me and not getting annoyed by my depressing posts. But I’m determined to enjoy my Halloween because it’s my favorite holiday and it always has been and it will stay that way. As some of you know, I’ll be going to Disney in my Attack on Titan cosplay, for Halloween, so I’ll be gone for about three days. Anyway, this is just a quick appreciation post of my favorite blogs, whether I talk to them or not, their just amazing people.

shxrtylevi virtusferocia spookymemoir apieceofvalor bolotiesandtitans canon-levi seasonaloath finem-ludum ask-the-squad-leaders spookykirschtein undergroundmagnolia monster-oreo-attack homogayhorse notahorsekirschtein obligxtus idontcarefordiamonds hedonistic-commander immxbile iaculatrix brandnewresolution xarminx coronx asingledeathcansavemany trxmpledflower kxrstein titanslayerlevi titanxbrat elodieinthedark seragakx captainshawty timid-soldier ask-spoopymika-chan speckledbodt justlistenforonce todsendgel lightshxw axstuosi colosseux hotcanadianjeanbo forattvxsa catharticleader spookykirschtein

and so many more but this is suppose to be short!

hey dont forget tomorrow is my 16th birthday. draw my ocs or smth or say nice things to me or anything

sometimes it’s nice 2 remember.. whenever I feel like shit.. that if I stick around a few more months.. I’ll get to see my favourite people on earth n everything will b fine.. or everything will feel fine.. n it’s just nice idk im sorri

I was thinking what would be the best halloween costume for Cas and then I remembered Weeping Angels from Doctor Who and I just had to doodle it

is2g weeping angels are like the coolest creatures ever