so my a cappella group auditioned the solo for Blank Space today and i got it!!!

woah i’m actually soloing two songs in our concert this semester, Little Talks and now also Blank Space

omg i’m so excited, i can’t believe i’m soloing at all as a freshman much less two songs in one concert, and they’re both songs i love ahhh!!!!! ^u^

In celebration of Trans Visibility day I’ve just asked my mom for my first binder, and explained why it was important to me/what it was used for. She understood me completely. I’m buying it within the next week. I’m finally going to have the chance to be who I want to. Thank you #transvisibilityday, for giving me the courage to finally tell my mom whats up! 


Well hi there. So, this is my first follow forever, sorry for the shitty graphics, sorry for being late, the general idea is; i’m sorry. Anyway, I want to thank all of you guys, you’re all incredible people and you’re making my dash all pretty ◕3◕. Also, I hit 2K followers a few days ago, I’m still crying.. Seriously, it means a lot, I’m so happy that people are actually enjoying my blog (i dunno why tbh, it’s as messy as i am), thank you all so much, for everything. The bolded URLs are my fav cupcakes.

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Alright, let’s do this;

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Alright, looks like I’m all done here. I wish y’all a merry christmas, hope you’ll have a good time even with all the crazy shits going on out there, stay safe, i love you and don’t forget to make time for yourself lil bae. Love you ( ˘ ³˘)♡

coffee-addict-ngh said; ✪

[Generated: Roommate AU]

Kyle pushed in his luggage into the room, and along with kicking the cardboard boxes that laid on his feet, he settled his stuff down beside the empty bed, in which he automatically assumed was his because it was empty. After a few more heavy trips back and forth the fourth floor and the first, Kyle flopped down the bed, exhausted and worn out for the day. Well, at least everything’s moved in. All he needs to do now was to pack up. Kyle looked over to the other side of the room, where their stuff seemed so accustomed to the environment, even spreading a tinge of… coffee? Kyle wrinkled his nose. Huh, weird. He actually have not met with the other tenant, and only have spoken with him through the phone due to urgencies, but in the end, here they are.

At that point, Kyle stood up and decided to take a shower. Terribly rude to greet the other tenant stinking like sweat after all.