sasusaku (Naruto The Last Movie): give your wifu a kiss ~by lossie92

Sasuke is confused, Sakura is horny and that’s how little Uchihas are made! ;)
I have too much fun with Sasuke’s new design, way too much fun.
Btw it’s 3 am in Poland. And I should be sleeping. Or sleeping. Or maybe even sleeping. Definately not sketching or writing. Fandoms are out to destroy me, I’m telling ya~

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hi i haven’t done ships in such a long time and also, i need a favor from you guys so bAM

what you have to do:

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and you’ll get:

  • a ship
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okay that’s it pls do this i don’t wanna look lame lol

According to Sport, Messi is the most supportive player of Luis in the dressing room. Not surprising since Leo invited him to his charity games 2 years ago (or was it 3?). Plus Neymar’s father said Leo also called Neymar (more than once) and promised him that they will welcome him with open arms.

I guess it’s safe to say our attacking trio are getting along very well.