“Y-You hit me…”

Petrified words danced on a quivering tongue, each feeble utterance falling to the floor like deadweight. The worn man was frozen in place, almost in shock of his own. His palm and finger pads still stung, Blaire curling his fist as if it would hide the evidence of his wrong doing—but it wasn’t enough. Because the flushed cheeks, red prints, and shaky figure before him gave away too much. He had not merely shoved Waylon back, no, his words cut deep but his hand hit harder. He could make out his own fingerprints on the others cheek, voice catching in his throat as Waylon’s met his ears. Broken; like a track on repeat that just won’t stop, drowning him in his wrong doings and forcing him to gaze upon and tally the destruction of the aftermath.

“You’ve never…”

No he had not. He never dared to go so far. Perhaps he thought it! Perhaps the outlets he obtained included shooting bottles and punching holes into walls and when the supply had run low he thought it! But he never dated act on his thoughts, as any half-sane man would because he would never dare. He would never dare harm Waylon, not in a way so visibly struck, not in a way it would have to heal before his eyes much like the wavered spirit of the smaller figure that now cowered in his image. Oh he would never dare..but he did. It was clear as the pads of his fingers aligning with the stencil upon the boy’s face. Disgust, it filled him, warm like alcohol, alas, much like alcohol did, it only made him colder. Jeremy Blaire had never stooped so low. He had never snapped until now but it wasn’t now that scared him. It was.. What’s next?

“Never… h-hit me before…”

The screams were not foreign. They’d toss words back and forth, often Waylon constructing compromise whilst Jeremy shot each down without hesitance. The fight had been of his doing, though Waylon pitched himself. The night was cold and as Waylon often did, he ached. But Jeremy ached to. His head…his heart. He was tired and worn, he needed a break and he could not be reminded of the problem that kept him anchored here like a mule. Waylon Park. He had debts to pay—and for what? For a whiny brat who couldn’t even stand because Jeremy was not fast enough?! Was that just, was it arbitrating? No. And much like the weak fellow he truly was, Jeremy was unable to contain his frustrations, lashing out at which the younger man could not help. Crushing first his own well being, followed soon after by a blow to Waylon’s in the phrase, ‘I don’t care,’ uttered by an angry man. They were words of anger, fabricated in to-be regret, whispered like poison on a victims tongue. Of course what ensued was what happened every so often, alcohol touching the brunet'a face as Jeremy dare lean in to whisper empty threats. No he had no intentions of going so far as to touch Waylon. No more than tears, sore throats and bodies on different furnishings for the night. But that silent treaty crumbled like a Nature Valley granola bar in Jeremy’s hands, leaving him to listen to the soon suppressed, quivering words of Waylon, his own blue eyes cast to the ground with a grimace. A lump grew in his throat with the formulating inquiries, legs growing weak with the regret he felt in his throbbing pads.

And he could not speak, fighting to swallow the lump and rising bile. Disgusting.

| Starter | wayloonpark | We can call this “oh look Jer’s being a dick again surprise surprise”

Too innocent (Michael Clifford)

Requested : Yes

Michael smut where he thinks y/n is the most adorable and the literal cutest thing ever and is henceforth to fuck her bc of this and y/n has to like tease and seduce him until he can’t control himself anymore and just fucks her senseless( or something along those lines)

Rating : R

Word count : 4,1K+

Story line : Michael thinks you’re too cute to be fucked so you try to find a way to make him lose control

“Just fuck me, Michael” I moaned into his mouth as he hovered over me and kept racking his hands all over my body.

“Hmm no, baby… We have to go to diner to my mum’s tonight, remember?” Michael cheekily answered as he let his fingers brush over my inner thighs and ghosted them over my panties, making me squirm under him.

“When we come b-back, then” I said and he trailed his lips down my neck before pressing his hips down on mine.

“Huh huh, when we come back I’m going to make love to you and I’m going to make you feel like a queen” he murmured before inching his head up and pecking my lips.

He got up from the bed and sent me a wink before disappearing in the bathroom to get ready. I let out a long sigh and readjusted my skirt before placing my head on my pillow and looking up at the ceiling.

That summed up our relationship perfectly. Michael was an angel and the first thing I did every morning was checked that he was still lying beside me because I couldn’t believe he would chose me out of all the girls he could have.

He was the boyfriend I had always dreamed of; he made me breakfast in bed each time he woke up before me; he didn’t care when his friends called him whipped; he knew when I wanted to have sex and when I just wanted to cuddle; he always made sure that I felt loved and cherished and when he was on tour; he called or sent texts at least once a day.

He was perfect and I knew that he wasn’t that way with his ex-girlfriends and I didn’t know how to feel about it. I knew it because his bandmates pointed it out on a daily basis; especially in the beginning of our relationship… They would drop little comments like “Wow Mikey, you must really like her” when he’d miss out on a boys night out to stay with me; or “what has gotten into you?” when he’d refuse to dance with another girl at the club.

It made me really happy at first; it made me feel like I was special, like he’d never felt about anyone the way he felt about me… All of that made me happy but there was one thing I heard one day that made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

The boys were all in Michael’s house, playing some video games in his man cave while I played with his hair, hearing him hum every now and then. I got up at some point to go to the toilet and pee and I took my time as I knew they would all be in the same position when I’d come back.

A smile was plastered all over my face as I walked through the halls of his house and I took a moment to look at the pictures on the walls.

“The sex is amazing and that’s the only piece of information you’re going to get; I’m not discussing my sex life with y’all single asses” I heard Michael’s voice come from the man cave.

“We’re not asking for details but you can’t blame us for being a bit confused” Calum answered and I furrowed my eyebrows as I stopped walking and placed my head next to the door to be sure I’d hear the rest of the conversation.

“Huh huh, it’s my life, you’re not supposed to be confused about anything” Michael absentmindedly answered and I heard him curse shortly after, probably at the screen.

“No, it’s just that… I mean, with your ex we would literally feel the walls tremble and then she’d wake up unable to walk and covered in hickeys and bruises the next morning and (Y/N) always seems ready to run a marathon; are you getting old, Michael?” Calum explained and my mouth fell open as I tried to imagine Michael being rough in bed… Yes, I could picture it… And I think I’d like it.

“I’m perfectly fine, thanks for your concern; the rest is absolutely none of your business” Michael said and it was clear that the conversation was over.

I waited a few seconds before coming back into the room and everyone acted as if nothing had happened as I sat behind Michael and let him lean against me.

“You good, baby?” he asked without looking away from the screen.

I leaned in and placed my lips on the top of his head, inhaling his scent for a second before pulling away.

“Yeah” I sweetly answered.

Truth was I couldn’t help but wonder if Michael was really satisfied with our sex life.

I had tried to get him to talk about it since then; but nothing worked. And every time I would specifically ask him to ‘fuck me’ he would answer that he’d rather ‘make love to me’. I couldn’t really complain because he was good and passionate and he made me weak at the knees when he gently kissed my nipples until I was moaning his name.

But I knew he used to have more than that and I couldn’t help but feel insecure about myself. It had to be about me but I had no idea what I was doing wrong. There were three things I hadn’t tried yet: tell him that I had heard the conversation and that I didn’t really understand why he was that way with me but I really didn’t think I’d ever get the courage to do that; make him believe that I wasn’t completely satisfied with our sex life but there was no chances that he would believe me; he was way too aware of how good he could make me feel… The last thing I could do was try and make him lose control. And that was the plan for this diner.

We arrived at his mom’s house around 8 and she welcomed us with the biggest smile on her face; she was a complete sweetheart and she was like a second mother to me.

I sat beside Michael and we all started eating as we shared stories about our past and laughed together. I placed my fork down once I was done and immediately put my hand on Michael’s thigh. He turned his head to me and smiled at me before leaning in and pecking my cheek.

I gave him my most innocent smile and I started talking with one of his cousin as I started brushing my fingers up his thigh, letting the tips caress his inner thigh before reaching his crotch. I saw Michael’s head snap toward me from the corner of my eyes and ignored it as I gently pressed my palm down on his growing erection.

“Not now, (Y/N)” Michael hissed as he leaned in toward me and made sure no one could hear him.

“Yes, now” I retorted as I smiled at him and traced the outline of his erection with the tip of my forefinger.

He gave me a questioning look and I smiled at him once again before turning back to his cousin to finish my conversation. I kept teasing him and I had no intention of stopping no matter how many times he tried to slap my hand away from his growing length. He eventually took my hand in his and laced his fingers with mine as he placed them on his knee and made sure I couldn’t move it anymore.

We then all moved to the living room and Karen told us to sit on the sofa as she turned on the TV and started showing us her latest vacation pictures. I snuggled into Michael’s side; wrapping my arms around his chest as I placed my head on his shoulder and made sure he could feel me breathe against his neck.

I knew he was at least still a little bit hard from earlier and that was something that he liked when we were making love; I was hoping it would turn him on, too. I didn’t know if he was acting like he didn’t notice or if it really wasn’t making him feel anything but I really wasn’t satisfied with his lake of reaction.

I looked around and made sure everyone was looking at the TV as I slid my hand under his shirt and traced a line on his lower stomach. I smiled as I felt him tense against me and I let out the slightest moan in his ear as I pretended to close my eyes to take a nap.

“Baby, what are you doing?” he hissed in my ear as he wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

“I want you” I whispered and he shifted as he grabbed my hand from under his shirt and placed it back on my side.

“I promised I would make love to you” he said as he looked at me with lust in his eyes.

“I don’t want you to make love to me, Michael; I want you to fuck me” I answered as quietly as possible as I stressed the magic word.

I saw him try to hold in a chuckle before bringing my hand to his mouth to place a gentle kiss on the back of it. He then seemed unable to control himself as he burst out laughing and covered his mouth with one of his hands as sat on the edge of his seat and leaned on his elbows.

I couldn’t believe he was laughing. Here I was; trying to get a reaction from him, trying to be sexy and he was laughing like I was the biggest joke ever. I gaped at him and immediately detached myself from him as I felt my hear constrict it pain. God, that was embarrassing.

Michael turned back to me and reached for me as he tried to calm himself down but I pushed his hand away, making him frown in confusion.

“Baby, I’m sorry; it’s just that you’re too cute to say things like that” he lightly explained as he tried to wrap his arm around me again but I stopped him once more.

So that was it. I was too cute; I couldn’t be sexy. I was just that adorable, innocent girl who couldn’t handle anything but sweet love. I was that cute little girlfriend that Michael didn’t want to fuck because she just couldn’t be taken seriously when she tried to be sexy.

I felt tears start to rise as the lump in my throat became too big to swallow. I could feel Michael’s eyes on me as I looked away to make sure he couldn’t see. I felt humiliated and I was so mad at him. I didn’t really know why; I was just angry.

“Baby…” Michael started just as I stood up and pulled on my shirt.

“Excuse me; I just have to go to the toilet” I told his mother as I walked toward the bathroom and bit on my lip to refrain the tears from escaping my eyes.

I locked the door and placed my hands on the sink as I took several long breaths to calm myself down. I threw my head back to make sure the tears wouldn’t fall as I felt myself calming down.

“Baby? Please open the door” I heard Michael say from the other side of the door as he gently knocked.

“Just a second” I replied as nonchalantly as possible.

“(Y/N), please” he said as he pulled on the handle.

“I’m peeing, Michael!” I answered with a little laugh to make it sound as natural as possible.

I looked at myself in the mirror and took a long breath before flushing the toilet, and splashing a bit of cold water on my face. I then dried myself with the hand towel and opened the door to find Michael waiting for me on the other side. And all my anger immediately came back.

I tried to walk past him but he wrapped an arm around my waist and stopped me before making me turn around so that I was looking at him.

“Hey, what was it back there?” he sweetly asked as he brushed a strand of hair out of my face.

“Nothing, can we please go home?” I dryly replied and his hand fell back to his side as I turned around and walked toward the living room where everyone was still watching the picture.

“I’m really sorry Karen but I have to go… Thank you so much for everything, the meal was delicious” I said as she gave me a hug.

I then said goodbye to the rest of his family as he did the same and we both got into his car in silence.

“Why are you mad at me?” he asked as he turned his head to me but I was looking out the window.

“I’m not mad at you” I stubbornly answered and he let out a sigh.

“At least tell me what I did wrong” he insisted and I closed my eyes tightly as I tried not to snap at him.

“You made me feel like shit, that’s what you did” I harshly said and that was the last words I let out while Michael kept trying to get a proper explanation.

He sounded absolutely desperate but I was too upset to care. I stormed into the apartment and started acting as if he wasn’t there, following me around as he pushed me for answers.

“Can you stop your little act already?” he finally let out and now he seemed angry, too. “Is it because I laughed? Come on, (Y/N), I just-” he started and he stopped when I turned to him.

“YES MICHAEL! It’s because you laughed, alright? It’s because I was trying to make you understand that I wanted you to be rough with me and you freaking laughed!” I finally said and he was completely still in front of me as he let me spit out my venom.

“Okay, I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to hurt you…” he said once he saw that I was done. “Can we talk about it?” he asked as he took my hand in his and he started leading me toward the living room as he sat on the couch and made me straddle his thighs.

“Why did you laugh?” I weakly asked as I felt the pain that was hidden behind the anger rise in my chest again.

“Are you not satisfied? … I mean, in the bedroom?” he asked and he seemed so lost I wanted to take him in my arms.

“No, no, I am! I am! It’s just… I know that you weren’t that sweet with your exes and-” I started and he pinched my chin as he forced my head up.

“Hey, hey! I’ve told you before, they weren’t you” he said and I bit down on my bottom lip as I refrained the need to kiss him.

“I know, I know… It’s juts… I think I’d like it if you were a bit rougher with me and I know you’d like it, too but for some reasons you just don’t want to do it even though I made it clear I want it” I finally admitted and he placed his hands on my hips as he let out a long sigh.

“I just can’t even think about being rough with you” he said and I was about to drop my head again when he squeezed my sides; “It’s just that when I look at you I just want to make love, that’s all I wanna do and I wanna kiss every inch of you” he confessed and I felt myself blush at his words.

I leaned in and pecked his lips before pulling away and looking into his eyes. I just wanted to make sure we were okay and the look he gave me was enough to convince me. He raised a hand to the back on my neck and pulled me to him as he hotly kissed my lips.

I could feel myself getting excited and I decided to try one last time. I tangled my fingers in his head and pressed myself against his chest as I started moving my hips very slowly on top of his. I very gently tugged on his hair as I found the right angle and started grinding on him.

He moaned in my mouth and I suppressed a smile as I let my lips wander down his jaw and to his neck. I started placing sloppy kisses and sucking on his skin as his hands moved to my backside to help me move on top of him.

I could feel him hardening under me and I heard my name leave his lips as I gently bit down on the hickey I had just drawn on his neck.

“Did… Did you just mark me?” he asked and I pulled away as I looked at him dead in the eyes and grind and little harder on him.

“Hmm” I nodded as I gave him a smirk and I felt him fight not close his eyes as I leaned in once more and kissed his swollen lips.

“Baby, let’s take this to the bedroom” he begged and I smirked as I realized I was close to my goal.

“No” I simply answered as I quickened my movements.

“Baby…” he weakly let out as he tried to stop my hips with his hands but I pushed them away from my body and pinned them to his side; “(Y/N)!” he said more forcefully and I kept going as I felt him tense under me and next thing I knew; he had his hands on my backside as he walked the both of us to the bedroom.

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Multi-tasking, charming, and doesn’t forget to say hello to him mum (and family)…Paul McGann, ladies and gentlemen!

Paul McGann (The Eighth Doctor) says hello to Doctor Who Online!


Andrew Lincoln & Danai Gurira ‘ s friendship is too adorable & sweet for words. Only gifs & pics can capture the off the chart preciousness of their rapport.

Of course, Andrew Lincoln ships Richonne. You can see in his grin that he completely knows how cute he and Danai are together and how great their chemistry is. 

Sometimes actors don’t get along and it can ruin ships. Richonne fans are so lucky, Andrew & Danai clearly have a lot of respect, admiration and affection for each other. 

CS ff: The Seduction of Deckhand Jones (au)

Rating: So very M.

Words: 6k

Summary: Emma pulls an I’ll-make-a-man-outta-you on deckhand Killian. (The title pretty much says it all…)

A/N: So Carley (oubliette14, owner of my soul) and I were talking one night about how wonderful it would be if Emma seduced that adorable version of Hook from the finale. She’s responsible (and to thank) for entire sections of this, because using what she gave me for inspiration, it practically wrote itself. 

Squinting her eyes in the poorly lit tavern, Emma Swan looks for some salvation to the overwhelming sense of tedium and monotony that’s begun to rule her life. She scrunches her face in disdain at those that surround her, their drunken behavior mirroring every tavern she’s ever set foot in, until she spots one that’s unlike all the others.

Most would overlook the only man in the tavern that chooses to sit in the corner by himself, the one that doesn’t order anything other than his dinner, the one who keeps his eyes cast downward instead of joining in on the raucous activities of the other patrons. But Emma notices him, despite the fact that he’s trying his very best to blend in with the shadows, dressed all in black.

She’s intrigued by him. It’s not just the hook that catches the light and gleams when he shifts his arm. It’s not that, every once in a while, he takes a pull from a flask instead of partaking of the rum and ale they serve that all the other sailors, pirates, and miscreants seem to be chugging. It does have a lot to do with the fact that, of all the men (and some women) in this whole tavern, he’s the only one that hasn’t muttered some lewd comment about how she’s wearing pants or tried to grab her ass. He’s just sitting there, squinting at the pages of a small leather-bound book as he absently finishes off the last of his supper.  

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PROMPT; here
COMMENTS; I adore Pietro and I hope that you do too! I tried to make this fluffy and funny and I’m not sure whether I achieved this but I hope you like it!
I hope you enjoy it and feel free to request here!
WARNING; aou spoilers and fluffiness

“Who do you think is faster?” My head raised slowly, my eyes lifting from the text of the book I had clutched in my hand. I tilted my head to the side as the white blonde boy in front of me cracked an apprehensive grin. I lifted an eyebrow, watching as he hopped from foot to foot, seeming excited. “Me or Usain Bolt?”

I let a sigh fall through my lips as I tried to turn my attention back to copy of Nineteen Eighty Four, but I couldn’t concentrate as my boyfriend bounced about, his whole body leant forwards as his musical accent filled the room. He’d been going on and on about being the fastest man in the world; that was until Clint had decided to rain on his Sovokian parade and point out that the world already had a fastest man and it wasn’t officially Pietro Maximoff, but a Jamaican powerhouse who liked to dapple in Virgin Broadband advertisements.

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CS + Flutter 

Dedicated to the sweet obisgirl

The request was specific for situations in which Emma’s eyelashes flutter when she’s around Killian and I absolutely love it! She is just way too adorable when she’s doing it acting like a teenage girl with a crush.

When I tried to think of situations in which it happened I was only sure about the “when I win your heart” scene, all the others I had to check if I remembered currently and most of the times I was right lol in others situations that I thought she did it she only blinked, I’ve been watching these scenes way too many times to actually remember these details.  

Send me a word/quote/parallel and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

Full CS + Quote list made so far

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