Snowy nights will turn into fields of marigolds, into constant rays of sunshine , into crisp leaves falling. We expect the seasons to change. We know its coming, and its gradual. We prepare ourselves. I wasn’t able to do that the day you decided it wasn’t worth the effort anymore – THAT I wasn’t worth the effort anymore. Its simple and messy. One day, you just didn’t bother. I wish I knew why. Weeks have passed. Still, nothing. Seasons change, people change, but Jesus Christ after all we have been through, who would’ve thought YOU’D be the one to walk away from me?

I open our Facebook chat and stare at it. Dozens of messages that I have sent go unanswered. I feel pathetic. No friendship should be one sided. Whenever I get the urge to talk to you, its like a slap in the face and it hurts just as much as it did the first time. I will have to find a way to live without you.

A piece of me feels lost and I want to put “MISSING” posters up, I am crying out for help but no one wants to listen – you certainly don’t.


Do you realize how badly you have hurt me? I am scared because you were the first good thing to happen to me in awhile. When I had no one, you were there. I’ve told everyone how fucking happy you make me. How wonderful you are. And now you’re gone? What am I supposed to do? And if you come back, then what? Do you really think things will go back to how they were?

Its ironic. YOU are the one who taught me how to stand up for myself. YOU always told me not to deal with peoples bullshit, because I deserve better. You’re fucking right, I DO deserve better.

I will question everyday with, “Why?”. You know how I am. You know this is tearing me apart, and I think that’s what disgusts me the most. HOW COULD YOU?

I’ll be okay. I mean, don’t get me wrong. Every time my phone gets a notification I’ll be hoping its you. And every time that it isn’t, I will be one step closer to realizing that maybe, I didn’t know you so well after all. Because the person I once called my best friend, would never do something like this to me.

—  Who knows when you’ll read this
The Office - Part 5

Requested by: lovetoheadbang, xxcherrxx, l0serlike-me, theelishad, huntingthetardisat221b, sweet-candii42 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Summary: The reader and Dean are in a relationship now, but they still keep it silent. While in a business meeting, the reader decides to distract Dean. Also, Dean’s wife comes around and causes some more trouble…

Previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Warnings: smut, swearing

Words: 1200

A/N: Please, please, tell me what you think of it! It really means a lot to me!

Dean had gathered the whole team for a meeting. We were all sitting around a large, wooden, black table, steaming coffee cups in front of us. 

I sat right next to my boss, who also happened to be my lover. Nobody knew about it yet, even though it’d been weeks since he moved in. He had planned on finding himself an apartment soon, but I didn’t mind having him around. I didn’t mind waking up next to his beautiful face every morning. I didn’t mind him touching me whenever he could – when I got out of the shower, when I was getting dressed, when I was making breakfast or dinner…

We finally had a relationship. And I loved it.

But he was still afraid of telling everyone about it, he was afraid of making it official. So we still kept it secret at work, shooting each other loving gazes and subtly touching when no one was watching.

“So, you probably wonder why I asked you to come together,” Dean said, his voice mature and dark. I crossed my legs, tried to look casual, while my mind was imagining all kinds of filthy pleasures that I wanted to make him feel. He looked unforgivingly good in his perfect fitting suit and him being my boss was just such a turn on. Some things would never change. His white shirt embraced his beautifully formed body, he looked so strong, so manly. I bit my lip. This man had me going crazy. 

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“I was enchanted to meet you too”

“I was never in love with someone else, I never had somebody waiting on me, cause you were all of my dream come true, i just wish you knew, Taylor i was so in love with you.”


(P.S. Read the little note that he wrote for her.)


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my birthday is tomorrow?? and the timer ends TOMORROW???? its like they knew. this is all i wanted for my birthday. my life is complete.

If the trailer,teaser,announcement comes tomorrow make sure you tell your children of when the people of earth all watched numbers count down to something they didn’t know. A true tale of legends.

no but

i’m emotional

because Combeferre obviously figure they weren’t coming, he knew what the general and such were. He’s not surprised.

and Feuilly is so angry and bitter and dissapointed? too much to not have trusted them, believed they were going to come to help.

so you have Feuilly, who grew up - and lived pretty much all of his live - in poverty and struggling and out of all of les amis he would have the most reasons to be cynical - or even just a realist, because I wouldn’t call Combeferre cynical, not even by a  stretch - but he’s so far from it he almost comes off as being naively optimistic.

oh, Feuilly, you precious cinnamon roll.

  • what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:did you ever imagine I'd hang on to your stuff, dad? Me either. But I guess I always knew that some day I was gonna draw you. In cartoons. Yes, dad I know you think cartoons are silly but I draw cartoons and I need real things to draw from because I don't trust memory. But God this thing is ghastly, you were so ecstatic when you found it at a yard sale. No no wait, in Mr. Gibbons barn, it all comes back it all comes back it all comes back. There's you. And there's me. But now I'm the one who's 43 and stuck; I can't find my way through. Just like you. Am I just like you. I can't abide romantic notions of some vague long ago, I want to know what is true, dig deep into who, and what, and why, and when, until now gives way to then
I knew I couldn’t keep you forever and maybe that’s what made me always come back. You were no good for me, but for some reason when you were around I thought I had all my worries in the past. I was too deep into you and now all I’m left with are memories that seem to last forever. I been up in too much smoke lately dealing with these memories which seem unforgettable but you’ll probably never know..
—  baefiveoneoh (June 2, 2015 unforgettable memories..)

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yoo will you ever start posting tolkien again?? you used to be one of my fav hobbit/lotr blogs but you hardly post any tolkien these days?

[war flashbacks] i knew this question was coming

i still love tolkien, naturally, it’s a huge part of my life, but botfa broke my soul and spirit and now all these marvel movies are taking over my life and i sort of ran away from the hobbit and tolkien in general bc i didn’t wanna suffer anymore

now answer to your question, i will start posting tolkien, but probably not like in the next couple of weeks, but trust me, the moment i have tolkien movie marathon in like a month i will be back with shitload of tolkien related stuff and gifs and all

“You’re gonna be fine.” 

Annie to Jeff, 613 

“And we’re gonna finally be sunny and shinily

we’re gonna finally be fine!”

Jeff in his Annie-induced daydream, 301. 

Parallels, guys, parallels. 

Also, I knew that “We’re gonna finally be fine!” was more crucial to J/A than “We’re gonna sleep together” because that is all they want. 

To be fine with their lives. And themselves. And each other. 

Because once they are truly “fine” with themselves, we get Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television. 

And now that Harmon has shown that he has truly and steadfastly committed to the pairing (Jeff driving her to the airport was such a boy-friendy thing to do, even with Abed there! and the cheek kiss!) means that the movie and S7 are open to explore it further. :) 




‘I never saw the breakup coming between Pattie and George,’ said Al Aronowitz. 'Pattie was just so sweet, and around them everything seemed magical. If theg were having fights, no one knew it because there was never sny sharpness between them. One time we were flying back to New York from California for the concert for Bangladesh concert and George told me that he couldn’t have a family, that he couldn’t be a father which turned out to be untrue if you’ve seen his son Dhani. But he blamed it all on himself. That was the kind of person he was’.

Al Aronowitz quoted in Joshua Greene 'Here comes the sun- the spiritual and musical journey of George Harrison’

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Weird question! Does the stomach mouth have a digestive system? Or is it connected to Dark's? How does it get rid of its excrements? Or does it absorb everything into the mouth? :D

Ahhm yes. I knew this question would come up.

Dark no longer has what you would call a “normal” digestive system anymore.  The mouth, before it emerged, possibly ate all his lower organs or it simply formed from them by merging together. So basically his whole abdomen is now his stomach. It basically absorbs everything it eats. It has powerful digestive acids/ saliva that dissolves everything and anything (Though, over time, Dark’s body has become immune to the acid’s burn so now it doesn’t hurt him anymore, as it used to when the mouth first emerged). No nutrients is wasted once food (or souls) are put put inside that gaping maw. (And yes it will even try to eat non edibles, like shirts…) Dark and it are share a body/ stomach but it, itself is a separate being entirely.

Okay, so I guess we’ve all heard the news about Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin dating. But I gotta say, I think we’ve all known about it for a year now! I mean, just take a look at this. Taeyang’s Eyes Nose Lips MV, come on don’t tell me you didn’t recognize that female’s face in the billboard….mhmm, you knew it *whispers* Min Hyo Rin. And the fact that Eyes Nose Lips MV came out on June 2, 2014 and the news broke out the same exact date a year later, today, means it serious! Go Youngbae! lol :)


Because you said things that kept me
floating on my too-small kayak in the dark
mangrove tunnels, the greasy mud
waiting underneath and underneath that
the closed boxes with all my faces
inside; because you kept holding out
gifts to me though we both knew
I could not reach them yet;
because whatever the distance you still
answered the clotted, shapeless
sounds coming from my throat
and told me to keep making them

I want to send all my good
molecules over to you, embrace
until our spines touch—hell, I want
to thank you so hard
I become you and you
me for just long enough that you see
yourself with all the leaves
budding beautiful from your
long limbs and maybe I’ll
see that creature lying balled up
in the crushed undergrowth
as something worth saving.

Katherine Riegel

All I Need is a Hero

Pairing: Ayahina

Rating: T (for language)

Summary: Hinami is just trying to buy a book when a creep decides he just has to have her. Can the polite girl find a way out? (Modern AU) 

A/N: Can you tell I have a thing for Aus? lol I need them to be happy and I feel they can’t be in their world! ;^; So I will save them and put them in a nicer setting xD lol I got the idea from this post. Also I adore writing for this fandom all you guys are so nice and put such sweet things in the tags ^.^ 

“Ugh, no, n-no thank you,” Hinami was uncomfortable. She had just come to the bookstore to buy a book, that her big brother had recommended, but now some guy was standing too close, and giving her strange looks. She knew what was meant behind those looks which would account for her very uncomfortable state. He smelled weird and he stood to close. She really just wanted to buy this book.

“Come on, maybe I can buy a drink sometime. Just one date and it’ll change your mind about me. Promise,” he leaned in closer and she took a small step back. That smell. He made a face at her movement, but thankfully didn’t move closer. She wasn’t even allowed to buy a book in peace. What was up with this guy, why the hell couldn’t he take no for an answer?!

“I-” she was interrupted.

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and man do i love courier six, and i love how everything culminates in the dlc and lonesome road. 

i love six because you feel the quest for history that’s there, the quest to figure out who the fuck she really is, the quest to find the man who shot her and the thing she ended up in a grave trying to accomplish, the quest to understand the forces at work in the mojave and where she fits in and what forces of her own she cares to apply

but it’s history that it all comes back to, and then there’s ulysses- ie the first, real, concrete piece link to her past. he knew her, he knew her name, he knew the kind of person she was (and after getting shot in the head you’re never going to be the person you were, that person is long gone and only ulysses pretends to know who she was)

and i love love love that she’s free from her history even as she’s trying to track it down- she’s FREE. she can be anyone, do anything, break out of the recursive loops that everyone from elijah to the think tank to joshua graham are stuck in, the world is an ouroborus devouring its own tail but the courier is walking new roads she is carving new lines she is changing the shape of the mojave forever

but the world resists, ulysses resists, this is a world locked in the past even this long after the war, some traumas go too deep and this is a world where the sierra madre and the think tank are still rumbling in the dark, this is a world that can’t let go no matter what, it holds on with a death grip and drags everything down with it (the courier is the only one who can save the world because she’s the only one without a history; how perfect is it that her greatest threat and greatest enemy is a historian, a man steeped in dead cultures, dead communities, the memory of a courier who died and walks the earth no longer)

history, her history in particular, is quicksand, it’s a trap, even if it’s irresistible to her, but she’s the only person on earth who stands a chance of breaking out of it. 

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HI MN,I love coming here so peaceful not all the drama,you keep our spirits up,i never knew how messed up a fandom could be until i started following r/k,but then again they are the only ones i have ever followed,any ways love your blog,bunny lover here

Lol! It’s a full moon tonight so of course the inmates are rattling their cages!

I just refuse to give them a venue.

I’m certain that the only drama happening with RK might be a particularly hyper toddler…you never know how a full moon might affect a young child! Seeing as it can drive adults round the looney bin!

There is no way you can just leave a company after writing like one game.

Even with the LGBT addition getting some criticism from lunatics (which we all knew was coming…the company was fully aware) it was pretty well received from what I’ve gathered.

There needs to be a new Nancy Drew game, all about visiting Her Interactive and wondering why the heck all the employees are leaving the company with nothing more than mysterious tweets.

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Coming out story?

Came home from the mall and showed my mom what I got was all boy clothes and cologne so she just kinda started laughing and was like tori are you gay! And I was like momm!!!!! And she was just kinda like dad and I kind of always knew and we honestly could not care less we always love you.. From that point on I admitted it, I have the most supportive parents. Sometimes I feel like it’s “normal” for me to be dating girls just because it seems so natural around my fam.

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Songbird :-)

ready to go by panic! at the disco

the mirror was not your favorite thing to look into. it never was. especially when you were fresh out of the shower in just your bra and underwear with no makeup on at all. you knew you were hard on yourself, but standing in front of the mirror, it was even worse. 

your hands would skim over your body, feeling all the imperfections underneath your fingertips. they would trace over the light white stretch marks streaking across your hips and thighs. all you saw in the mirror was those stripes across your skin. 

you sighed, your eyes watering when your gaze skimmed across your stomach. you knew you didn’t have the flattest stomach to offer, but you didn’t think that you would feel this bad about it either. 

you pulled at the skin around your bellybutton, watching how it filled your palm more than you wanted it to. just then, the door to your bedroom swung open wide to reveal your boyfriend, calum. 

his eyes instantly went to your almost naked frame, noticing the tears in your eyes. you crossed your hands over your chest, feeling too exposed in front of him even though he was your boyfriend. the only times that you’ve had sex, you were in the dark where he couldn’t see what you looked like. 

“baby,” calum said, dropping his bag to the floor as he came towards you. “you can’t keep doing this to yourself,” he said, his hands cupping your bare shoulders with a small caress by his thumbs. 

you dropped your head to your chest, but calum just picked it up with a finger. “you know what?” he said, finally. “we’re going to change the way you look at yourself.” 

your eyebrows knitted together, but calum’s eyes were determined. he circled around you so he was now standing behind your body as you both looked into the mirror. he uncrossed your arms and then said, “tell me what you see.” 

“i see an ugly face,” you swallowed thickly. “i see rolls and fat and stretch marks. i don’t know what you see in me,” you finished. you felt your cheeks flaming at your confession. you and calum never had a conversation like this before, but he had caught you in front of the mirror two times before this time. 

“you wanna know what i see?” he finally asked, his hands coming up to push your wet hair off your shoulders. you nodded minutely, curious as to what calum was going to say. 

“ i see natural beauty, i see laugh lines and hours spent smiling. i see a girl with sexy curves,” he continued, his hands sliding down to your hips, rubbing circular motions into your skin. “i see a tiger who has earned her stripes. i see a girl who should be confident with her body because some people would love to have a body like yours.” 

“but you know what i love most?” calum asked, meeting your eyes in the mirror again. you shook your head, at a loss for words. 

“ i love that you’re all mine. i wouldn’t want anyone else. you’re perfect to me, not matter what.” 

send me ‘songbird’ for an au based off a song on my shuffle!