I just want Dean to be told that he’s a good man

I just want Dean to be hugged and told it’ll all be alright in the end

I just want Dean to be held while he’s crying

I just want Dean to have someone he can talk to openly and get everything off his shoulder

I just want Dean to be told he is needed and feel he is needed too

I just want Dean to feel he is worthy

I just want Dean to be caressed and loved and taken care of


anonymous asked:

Hello ! i wanna share something and I hope you can answer, everyone thinks Daryl is gonna comfort Carol when she tells him about Lizzie & Mika, and probably gonna understand her and hug her and stuff, what what if he actully DOESN'T get what happened, and gets mad at her or something?? I'm asking you because I hope you can calm me down a lil bit because I'm afraid that could happen :(

Hi, anon! I’m going to put my answer to this behind a read more, because at the moment, #teamtheymad is exploding with all kinds of bleepery and I’m about ten thousand percent done with their bizarre lunacy. More ahead, but if you want the tl;dr, I’ll give it to you right here.

Anyone who believes that Daryl’s feelings for Carol are on the same level as his feelings for every other member of Team Family — who believes that she is not special to him, who believes that the two of them are not bound at the soul due to the totality of the horrifying mess they’ve had to endure together since they met — is not watching this show.

Norman Reedus himself said (three times, I’m pretty sure) that Carol is Daryl’s girl.

Seriously. It’s not even a discussion. Over and out. But of course I can’t leave it there, so have a bunch of exploding love about these characters.

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