“Wait—were you the one that got the every item in the home ec room turned upside down and attached to the ceiling a few months back?”  Dirk asks you. “…All the little spice jars.  Mr. Slick just about murdered two grade levels trying to figure out who’d done it.”

I was skimming back through Once and Ever After and I completely forgot I made Slick the Home Ec teacher.

…now that’s the AU I want to see happen.

anonymous said:

i don't know who the fuck bae is so how im gone ask when she/he gone lie and your so conceited think u the shit

Bae in nonexistent, with that slick shit you tried to slide in, And also not even close too it. Bitch you guessed it. You thoughtttt. Because you know my life.

90skidmonica said:

Why you always mean to me Rico? You always have some slick shit to say to me. I ain't did nothin' to you. You not supposed to be mean to sick people. I could be in the hospital and you sayin' that mean shit to me. :,(

Rico: I’m not mean you just sensitive. You not in the hospital doe. But you good? You need me to bring you some soup or sumn, bry baby?