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headcanon that levi and the boys would sometimes bond over pooping jokes and literal bathroom trips

what if high school au where freshman levi gets in a fight with these senior dudes in the restroom and he kicked their ass and later on these senior dudes (they’re cool ok) invite him into their gang like ayyy we like you bc you kick ass and this is a very exclusive gang all right

they meet in the restrooms and p much the restrooms are their territory and they would secretly communicate through shit jokes and sometimes they stand at the door of the stall and charge ppl for using “”their”” toilets

then senior dudes graduate and all and this poop gang is now in the hands of levi, so levi grows up and soon rises to the top as the leader of said poop gang and just when the gang thinks they rule the school, this lil brat freshman shows up

eren just really wants to use the toilet ok and he’s not having any of the gang’s “you gotta pay us $1” bullshit so eren kicks them in the balls and p much starts a fight and then levi walks in and is like whaddup in da club, and the gang ppl are like “this brat won’t pay his $1”

at this point, eren prob already peed in his pants, but that doesn’t matter to levi bc levi sees that eren can kick balls and he’s like “yo man join da club” and eren flat out refuses and everyone’s like wtf man this poop gang is the shit (no pun intended) but eren’s still like no

so basically, for the rest of the story, levi’s trying to get eren to join the poop gang and idk eren prob ends up forming his own gang and then there are GANG WARS. the sequel would be like romeo and juliet bc levi and eren like each other but oh no they’re in different bathroom gangS WHAT DO


(My bff Indigoliz)

You ever find some of your fanart on those “BadSonicFanart” blogs? You notice a lot of traffic to a particular piece of art that happened to be your Sonic FC and were disappointed that the traffic was just people there to laugh at you? Are you just a small blip in the DA/Art Sites radar but still grind on because you love what you’re doing?

Check out this DA Account Here. Hilarious, right? Wonky style, horrendous colors, unfunny terrible comics and downright lack of any willingness to apply that highschool art class knowledge?

That was me. All of that is me. 6 years ago.

Don’t lose hope. Do not lose faith. Your light will shine when it needs to. For now, prepare yourself for that time when your chance to shine will come. Stay strong friends.

They Didn't Teach That in Library School...




I just really want to write for Disney.

Specifically so I can adapt The Twelve Dancing Princesses.