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I’m worried about Yongguk’s health. His new chest tattoo doesn’t shock me, but how thin he is is concerning! I’m a registered nurse, so I’m worried he’s working too hard and not getting proper nutrition. Hopefully TS Entertainment will take note. I would hate to see an idol so many love and admire to fall seriously ill. I think we’d all care more if Yongguk, who is the true definition of an idol, took care of himself over a performance any day. (Anon) | (c)

Bbang telling Himchan he's joining the cast of 'Laws of the Jungle' in Costa Rica
  • Bbang:Channie, I need to tell you something.
  • Chan:/frantic/ what is it? did someome die? are you going to the army? what???
  • Bbang:I'm joining 'Laws of the Jungle'
  • Chan:Oh, ohhhhh
  • Bbang:Yeah
  • Chan:Okay here's a list of things you need remember, and here's another list of things you need to bring.
  • Bbang:I'm oka-
  • Chan:So, 1) you need to eat!
  • Chan:2) you need to sleep on time
  • Chan:3) you need to talk to people .......
  • Bbang:/zones out/
  • Chan:/blah blah blah blah/ 100) Never forget your insect repelant!
  • Chan:Okay, last but-
  • Bbang:Whoa whoa whoa there's more?
  • Chan:Here's a printed picture of me, in case you miss my pretty face while you're in the jungle. /winks
  • Bbang:...../flashes gummy smile/