Beginner's Guide to Sehun

Sehun is the maknae(youngest) in EXO-K.

even though he’s the youngest, though, he shows his body off the most. well, after kai. and it’s sadly mostly his arms


and his legs

thankfully, we do get to see his abs

he does aegyo a lot, even if he claims that he doesn’t like it.

all of this does not cover up the fact that his dancing is straight up sexy

you may have noticed the many different styles of hair he’s had. even though he’s the maknae, it doesn’t seem like SM cares.

it’s sort of a miracle, how he can look good with all those colors.

“ahahahaha bitch please I look good in everything”

yes, you do, sehun.

sometimes, it’s unsettling how he’s the youngest, yet the hottest.

his soulmate is luhan

they even had matching hair colors

even though sehun is younger, he always tops.

also, he loves his sailor moon pose.

this proves that he will always be the cutest little thing ever

and that is oh sehun