Hello From Eau Claire
  • Hello From Eau Claire
  • Xiu Xiu
  • The Air Force

Xiu Xiu - Hello from Eau Claire

i know it’s dumb to say
that you are on my mind
i know it’s stupid to dream
that you might think of me as a man

i can loose my own tie knot
i can button up my own pants
i can buy my own cigarettes
i can pluck my own moustache

i read it’s lame to wish
that you won’t walk out on me
but i’m not embarassed to sing
plainly the words ‘love’ and your name

i can pay all my own bills
i can unroll my own tights
i can untuck all i have to untuck
i can weep through my own midnights

Apistat Commander
  • Apistat Commander
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  • A Promise

Xiu Xiu - Apistat Commander 

up, along the rocks, 
it’s good, it’s not so hard now.
up, I bite my tongue, who cares?
this chance to drop off 
all that you left you left for someone all of this hurt that’s wilted off
all this relief, it’s the oddest thing
oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.
Chen, he’ll never come that’s fine, 
I lost my thought
Wei, Huai could talk me down
still, still this chance to drop off

New Life Immigration
  • New Life Immigration
  • Xiu Xiu
  • Angel Guts: Red Classroom

It’s turning from day to dark
What made you think life was special?
When I look at you I see there is one life that is special

We don’t need to live to love
Everyone has failed us
And we have failed everyone
We don’t need to lose our love

Soon this will all be gone
Despair’s kisses in the flood
A piece of paper in my hand
A vow of double suicide

The end of the world is avoidable

We don’t need to live to love
We don’t need to live to love
Everyone has failed us
And we have failed everyone
We don’t need to live to love 

Our fire escape is five floors above the street
We can sit and watch Los Angeles burning
Hold hands turn around lean over backwards
This is the quiet we promised each other
This is the love we’ve always dreamt of

Gray Death
  • Gray Death
  • Xiu Xiu
  • Dear God, I Hate Myself

Gray Death - Xiu Xiu

If you are expecting consolation
I will become outrageous
If you expect me to be outrageous
I will be extra outrageous
Chew the corner off your mouth
You have never liked the taste

Beat beat me to death I said it
Beat beat me to death
Gray death beat me
Jimmy is crying
Beat beat beat beat beat beat

Morning. I entered the bedroom and saw this: my vall shamelessly sits on the face of my sleeping husband and smiling at me. Pity I didn’t have any camera with me.