You wrecked me,
You took one look at me and told me you loved me,
And that tore up my whole heart.

Sometimes you find the love of your life when you’re 15,
And you screw it up,
You light it on fire and it burns to the ground.

I was scared,
I told you that we needed to slow down because I wasn’t ready to be loved,
You said okay and walked away.

Now it’s three years later,
I ran into you and my hands started shaking,
I don’t love you anymore,
But I can still see the remnants of the summer in your smile.

—  mf | ‘11
i. i never thought it would end up like this. but you never were good at keeping your mouth shut were you? i still hear your words echo throughout my mind. i still hear you saying he never loved me. he told you so.
ii. if you didn’t love me, you should have told me. i was never as fragile as you made me seem. but what you did made me fragile and now every time i see your name i shatter. but now when you drunk call i turn my phone off.
iii. it’s you. it’s always been you. you were the reason everything bad ever happened to fucked me up so bad. i’m still fucked up. i’m always going to be a mess just because of you. i never knew one person could rip another’s soul out.
—  open letters to the ghosts of my past
Pastels and Poetry
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by the_painless_moustache

Derek’s modeling career started as favor to Laura. He’d kept it up after she’d finished the class because it was only six hours a week and it paid him really good money.
All in all, it was a sweet deal, and he’d never regretted going back on it.

Words: 7882, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Tick tock.

Look at that clock. Taking us around a world so big. All with a spin of hands.

Look at it go!

Round and round again, dragging us along. Will it stop? Nobody wants us to know.

Don’t cry out against it now! Why try to fight it? Jump into its arms and trust it with your soul.

What’s this chronophobia you murmur? Afraid of this clock and its tick tock? How silly! Afraid of such a tiny thing. Quit your ridiculous thinking!

You know, it’s just a clock.

A lowly lost clock, bringing us to our last stop.

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Richard Bianco – who became the first out inaugural poet when he read at Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2012 – wrote the new poem ‘Until We Could’ for Freedom To Marry, to celebrate a decade since Massachusetts became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage.

The poem, released today, was brought to life in a video by House of Cards star Robin Wright, and X-Men actor Ben Foster.

The project was the brainchild of Peter Spears, who volunteers with Freedom to Marry.

He told the Daily Beast: “We shot it in Austin’s film community, and Texas is on the precipice of marriage equality.

“There are real couples in the film — like the male couples in their forties with kids — and also actors.

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A Lecture I Will Give to My Future Child in Regards to Ex-Lovers

When you meet your first ex-lover

I want you to write them a letter

write down what they mean to you.

Tell them about your favorite memories

they way their laugh reminded you of heaven

they way their voice was enough to shatter your knees

or how your chin became close friends with the floor whenever you’d pick them up from their house.

Tell them nothing smells as good as they did on a Saturday night 

tell them your lungs are begging for their return

also tell them your lungs are asking for the breath they took away from you

the first time they ever blessed you with their hello.

Talk about all the poems you wrote about them 

and how you can’t help but write about them even after

you broke up.

Tell them you wrote a break up poem in braille

just so you can try to touch them once more.

Tell them that their last kiss lingers on your tongue

like some sort of regrettable tattoo and now you can’t help

but speak their name in hopes that they may hear you

through the sonic booms of yelling and crying.

I will tell my child about the apologies that will follow her letter

and how apologies are like oxygen masks on hijacked planes.

I will tell her to never apologize for loving someone

in permanent ink

I will tell her that scars are only there to give stretch marks something to gossip about.

I will tell my child that though loving may feel like walking on broken glass or c-section birthing miscarried babies, love is always true in the darkness.  Love the shards of divine mosaic you are and look for yourself at the bottom of the abyss.

And remember, the hands they used to applaud your poetry are the same hands that let you go, and will never hold you again.

I wrote two poems in class and I forgot how therapeutic writing is for me, I’m probably going into English as my major and I feel so right in that decision

Take care of yourself
and by that I mean
I’ve watched you run 8 miles straight
and eat 4 strawberries for breakfast
and half a slice of toast for lunch (with a teaspoon of jam)
and pride yourself for being healthy

Take care of yourself
and by that I mean
I’ve watched you use the phrase “nothing is impossible” as a weapon against yourself, a driving force to attain the unattainable

Take care of yourself
and by that I mean
you got that internship you wanted and the straight A’s you desired
and I know you want a round of applause but sadly I can’t join in
I watched you pop pill after pill and never smile and wear yourself sick just to achieve your goal
and denied it when I asked why the little space under your eyes were becoming black holes

Take care of yourself
I sat and watched as you screamed in my face and got defensive when I said this
when I said “take care of yourself”
Because whatever chord those four words hit,
It hurt too much to bear
And you’d much rather be comfortable with being uncomfortable
and show everyone how wrong you think they are
Than admitting this all to yourself
And giving yourself a break

I hope you take care of yourself
Because you’ve turned yourself into a robot
Forced to oblige by numbers set by calories and pounds and inches and grade point averages and amounts of achievements and successes and wins
But can’t remember the last time you slept in
Or treated yourself to the warmth of those chocolate chip cookies made fresh and by hand
Or wrote an entry in your journal
Or had a deep soulful laugh
Or didn’t turn down a night out with the friends you had before they got tired of trying to reason with an empty being
Or even considered getting help (because you are human yet strive to be spotless like an unboxed doll)
but please
because I can’t force you, only hope for you
take care of yourself

—  n.c. "Take Care of Yourself"