I am a proud feminist. I’m not ashamed and I’m not sorry. I believe in this world, women and men should be treated equal. And that includes interests. The merchandise that I’ve collected is in my possession because I watch pro wrestling. I respect pro wrestling. I love pro wrestling. I’ve had people tell me I love it more than my brother. Me, a female individual, loving wrestling more than a male. Why should that shock someone? Pro wrestling is an art. Either gender can enjoy that art. Do you think I just decided to buy this stuff because I thought it looked nice? No, I bought it to support something that I love. I bought it to say “Hey look! I love pro wrestling!” And so what, I’m also a girl. I’m a strong, powerful, intelligent women who just so happens to like pro wrestling. And I’m not ashamed. Believe that.

@mimicalacool: sadly, there’s always rumors about my hubby! apparently he’s now super sick and not doing well! while we always appreciate thoughts & prayers, we are all good in the hood!😁💪 headed to a #cc4c dinner! don’t forget we will both be at the hill country galleria (austin, tx) this sunday for the cc4c micro marathon! come join the fun, register early online & come run for our champions! #teamcaroline #teamdrew #hubbywifecrossfitworkoutinmorning #asgoodasgold 💕👏😘