Abortion foes force a brain-dead woman to stay on life support to incubate her fetus 

An Irish woman described by her physicians as “clinically dead” is being kept on a ventilator against her family’s wishes — all so that she can function as an incubator for the 16-week-old fetus she was carrying when she died.

The case has reignited the debate over Ireland’s highly restrictive abortion laws

We’ve got some terrible news for coffee lovers 

By 2050, half of the land needed for coffee production could disappear.

That’s dire warning from scientists who say climate change is wreaking havoc on coffee. German scientists surveyed the land where two of the most popular beans, Arabica and Robusta, are grown and predicted that global warming “would affect coffee growth.” Their model, which examines how climate change will shape temperature and precipitation in the the world’s coffee-growing regions, should give every coffee lover anxiety: The world’s coffee supply could be in trouble within our lifetime.