French bee keepers were astonished to find that their bees were producing blue honey. It turns out that the bees were picking up vibrantly colored, sugary waste from a nearby M&M factory plant. (Source)


Giant Sword monument in Norway called Sverd i fjell. They commemorate the historic Battle of Hafrsfjord that took place there in the year 872


Peacocks in Flight: Peacocks can fly. They can easily flutter into the air but only up to a limited gap. Unlike other birds, they cannot prolong their flight. The peacocks’ flight is usually comprised of various small leaps followed by a final hop at the end. (Source)

Today I ask him, the Savior of the world, to look upon our brothers and sisters in Iraq and Syria, who for too long now have suffered the effects of ongoing conflict, and who, together with those belonging to other ethnic and religious groups, are suffering a brutal persecution. May Christmas bring them hope, as indeed also to the many displaced persons, exiles and refugees, children, adults and elderly, from this region and from the whole world.

This is what happens when a wildfire  burn and a dust devil combines. This was captured by wildfire professionals who were conducting a controlled burn at Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge in Colorado. (Video)

100 years ago, British and German WWI soldiers showed the world the true meaning of Christmas 

It’s one of the most surreal and most heartwarming stories to come out of World War I. 

On Christmas Day 100 years ago, the bloody fighting on the Western Front screeched to a halt. An estimated 100,000 British, German and Belgian soldiers laid down their guns and celebrated Christmas together in the muddy, blood-stained cold of No Man’s Land, an unprecedented sliver of peace and humanity in the middle of an brutal, soul-crushing conflict.