Me and two other poets have finally made a literary magazine, called JAB. We’re now open to submissions, and encourage you or anyone you know to submit! We want poetry and visual art, so please please please, submit! We care a lot about this, so at least getting the word out would be great!

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"Bright Ideas for Writers!": Writing Prompts Sept. 29th-Oct. 5th

“Bright Ideas for Writers!”: Writing Prompts Sept. 29th-Oct. 5th

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Bright Ideas for Writers


Sept 29th

If you could ride to school on any animal, real or mythical, what would the animal be? Write about your reception at school when you arrive on this animal.

I was so high up in the air, it was hard to spot the two bullies who had been waiting for me every morning for two weeks…


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I’m trying to find a plug in hat’ll share my personal website posts on tumblr, but I’m not sure if the one I found works the way I want. I kind of want to it point people to my website for some reason. Maybe to see how many people read things, maybe so random tumblr people will go “Oh, he writes things too!” which I still get sometimes.

Of course, the people in my real life who follow this website or the fact that I want to use this site for “professional seriousness” and the like would kind of preclude people knowing that I have a tumblr, because often it’s the opposite of professional seriousness. Usually late at night it’s home to all manner of depressed thoughts and borderline (and way over the border) imagery. Which is fine, I guess, but I do worry about being judged for it.

But why should I care? Do I think I’m not going to get jobs, writing or otherwise, because of it? I mean, I’ve said (and probably will continue to say) plenty of stupid and unprofessional things on the Super-Fly podcast but I’m still going to do it.
I don’t know. Social media is a mystery. I like just putting random bits of myself out there and trying to make a connection with strangers and I totally get how that’s really weird and not for everyone. Being a buttoned up, totally in control of himself person is never going to be who I am. I think I’m always going to be a bit of a clumsy, awkward, mess and maybe I should just try and accept that. Lean into it and embrace who I am.

Of course, accepting myself has never been my strong suit. Then again, changing myself isn’t either.

EDIT: This entry is kinda sorts a test for that plug in, that’s not working the way I want it to. I am now tired of fucking with it today as I’m hungry and need to grocery shop now. But the sentiment still stands. If anyone knows of a good WordPress plugin that’ll do the job then let me know. I don’t see a lot of them out there. I know warrenellis uses one and I think iandsharman does too, but who knows.

Police: Woman Says Brother Claimed to Exhume Father

Police: Woman Says Brother Claimed to Exhume Father TODD L. DAVIS

Dallas police say they found a casket at the home of a woman who called 911 to report that her brother said he exhumed their father Tuesday.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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Watch the Smoky, Mysterious New Trailer for ‘Inherent Vice’

Watch the Smoky, Mysterious New Trailer for ‘Inherent Vice’ This weekend, Inherent Vice, Paul Thomas Anderson’s adaptation of the 2009 Thomas Pynchon novel of the same name, will receive its world premiere at the New York Film Festival — and now, the film’s first trailer has finally been released.

Set in the early Seventies, the clip opens with voiceover narration……

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See Alice Cooper Sing a Reverent Cover of the Beatles’ ‘Eleanor Rigby’

See Alice Cooper Sing a Reverent Cover of the Beatles’ ‘Eleanor Rigby’ Shock rocker Alice Cooper plays it straight and reverent with his take on the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby,” one of dozens of cover songs that appear on the forthcoming compilation The Art of McCartney. In the song’s video, the “Welcome to My Nightmare” singer cuddles up to a mic in front……

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Charges Are Dropped, and the Secret Identity of an Accuser Is Sought by BENJAMIN WEISER
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Kenneth Creighton was jailed for five years pending trial in a 2006 shooting. Now he is asking that the name of the informant be revealed, but lawyers for New York City have resisted.

Published: October 1, 2014 at 4:00AM

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Grown-Ups Are Doing A Terrible Job At Gender Equality. Can Some Tweenage Wizards Do Better?

What happens when you take a game that’s just boys and add some girls? Are they totally uninterested (because they’d rather be princesses)? Do they “pass out because of the gore” (as one young man predicted)? If you watch until around 4:15, the kids themselves will tell you how it went. Way to break the

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