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Codecanyon – WP Booking Calendar v3.0 | FreezeTheme

Free Download Codecanyon – WP Booking Calendar v3.0

Booking Calendar helps you to easily add to your own wordpress website a powerful and simple booking system to in a few minutes.

Administrator can create a calendar for one or more services that are available for booking, with the option to set different timeframes for each day (Monday through Sunday) and all the other features you can find…

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USAF SpaceX Certification Doubtful In 2014

U.S. Air Force Gen. John Hyten, the new head of Air Force Space Command, said, “If they [SpaceX] are not ready on Dec. 1, we are going to have to stand up and say that” in a Sept. 16 speech at the 2014 Air and Space Conference hosted by the Air Force Association here.

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UPDATE: Moments before a troubled 34-year-old Garfield man jumped from the Palisades in Fort Lee Historic Park with his beloved Yorkshire Terrier in his arms, he took to Facebook, posting anguished thoughts and accusing others of “murdering” him.

“I am not homicidal nor am I suicidal. Those that read and think otherwise have not found [their] spiritual being,” Cross Yoler wrote. “You have lost your way while the Gods pray that you willingly cause more pain and suffering to those with disabilities. The devil loves you.

SEE: Garfield man who jumped from cliffs with dog wrote of chronic pain, mental issues

“They willingly [m]urdered me I never committed suicide,” he added. “How many Men before me, how many Men after me. With a big [expletive] Smile on your face you took everything away.

“Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

Yoler also: claimed that his parents threatened to obtain a restraining order against him after accusing him of taking a knife to his mother; posted images from a thermographic exam while writing of chronic leg pain from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and shared a portion of a psychiatric evaluation that called him a danger to others and said he’d threatened to kill himself and the dog.

“here we go,” he wrote in a recent post. “Dad took off for a week, here starts the [expletive] abuse. if i die this week it will be because of the yoler family ……good bye world…..”

After setting his car on fire yesterday afternoon, Yoler threw his backpack off the cliffs, then followed with the Yorkie around 3 p.m., Palisades Interstate Parkway Police Chief Michael Coppola told CLIFFVIEW PILOT. READ MORE….

Guess what? Yes, another #blog. Well, it’s the same one, just #revamped and back with a #vengeance. This is the intro week, so keep posted for all the nitty gritty of it all. or click the link on my profile description. #SupportLocalArt #Shindiginans!
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WordPress’te Menülere Icon Ekleme

Görseller, metinlere kıyasla daha kolay hatırlanabilir tasarım öğeleridir. Örneğin dünyanın her yerinde tuvaleti ifade eden görsel aynıdır.

Ayrıca iconlar universal öğeler oldukları için yabancı sitelerde bile navigasyonu kolaylaştırırlar.

Bu makalemizde WordPress sitenizdeki menülere nasıl icon ekleyeceğinizi anlatacağız.

WordPress’te menülere icon ekleme

İlk olarak eklentiyi kuralım.


Eklenti tamamıyla ücretsiz.

WordPress’e eklentilerin nasıl kurulduğunu kısaca hatırlayalım.

  1. Dosyayı indirin ve zip içerisinden çıkarın.
  2. Eklenti klasörünü FTP aracılığıyla ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ dizinine upload edin,
  3. WordPress admin panelinizden Eklentiler alanına gidip eklentiyi etkinleştirin.

Download Adresi : Menu Icons


Görünüm > Menüler alanından daha önce WordPress sitenize eklediğiniz menüleri görebilirsiniz.

Bu alandan herhangi bir menünün detayını görüntülediğimizde “Icon: Select icon” şeklinde bir seçenek görünür oluyor. Bu araç, menü öğesine bir icon atamamıza yardımcı oluyor.

Icon seçtiğimiz anda sağ tarafta bir önizleme penceresi görünür oluyor. Bu kısımda icon için pozisyon ve punto ayarlamalarını yapabiliyoruz. Ayrıca linklerin öncesine ve sonrasına icon eklememizi de bu alandan seçiyoruz. Bu kadar!

Eklenti Dashicons, Genericons ve Font Awesome icon setlerini içerisinde barındırıyor.