Archer pics are here!!!!! This was easily one of the most fun photo-shoots I have ever been a part of and I am very excited to finally be able to share the pics with you guys :) The shoot features myself as Cheryl Tunt covered in LSD laced gummi bears & Dr. Krieger, complete with full beard. Also the LEGEND Tabitha Stevens as Malory Archer & Ray, Kayla Jane Danger as Archer, Selina Kyl as Pam Poovey, Princess Kora as Lana and Cyril Figgis. Check out the entire NSFW gallery up now only on WoodRocket.com XOX

ARCHER!!!! Check out the full gallery up now on Wood Rocket ❤️ see me as Cheryl Tunt choking myself out and playing with LSD laced Gummi Bears then prepare for awkward boners with our ode to Dr. Krieger in a full beard 👨🙀 #Archer #Parody #WoodRocket #Krieger #CherylTunt

Episode 29 - Game of Bones XXX
  • Episode 29 - Game of Bones XXX
  • Jonelle, Marissa, and Sade
  • Fat Pink Cast


Brown chicken, brown cow.   The Fat Pink Cast (+ the Unsullied Nina) sail across the X-rated seas to check out the first professional Game of Thrones XXX parody video, Game of Bones - Winter is Cumming by WoodRocket and starring tumblr fave James Deen.   

The entire audio from the pornographic film is included in the podcast, so you can watch along on mute or simply use your imagination.    

FPC attempts to deconstruct this porno from a feminist lens and tries not to fall asleep in the process.


Episode 28: Sleepy Pink Cast Part 2

Fat Pink Cast talks afrofuturism and recaps the second half of Season 1 of FOX's Sleepy Hollow.


SEASON FOUR of GAME OF THRONES premieres on April 6th!  

Episodes recorded the Monday after and uploaded on Thursday or Friday.  Stay tuned for some resentful hate-watching and +5 Sansa love!

“Wood Rocket—a porn and comedy site (as if we had to tell you)—will be releasing a porn parody of the show in May. The site already produces parodies like Game Of Bones and SpongeKnob SquareNuts, and it will now add Doctor Whore to its repertoire. Since that name leaves something to be desired—especially since its punchline is visual rather than auditory—we humbly suggest Doctor Screw as an alternative.”

The Way Your Mom Likes It: Woodrocket

‘The Way Your Mom Likes It’ column covers news, reviews and analysis of porn, erotic literature and overall sexy times. Or as we like to call it ‘stroking the analytical tool’.

I think we last saw Woodrocket when they made the Doctor Whore series, which opens with some pretty hilarious cybermen banter and goes on to some decent Amy Pond in cop outfit fucking.  Episode pt 3 is the Rose Tyler episode and has the highest rating; probably because a) it goes a long way towards healing the emotional scars left over from the tragic Rose/Doctor love story and b) Tennant is clearly more of a rawdog than Matt Smith, I mean comon, seriously? No contest.

I find that Woodrocket, while clever, really takes a hit on the production values.  For example most recently they did a Sailor Moon series and… well see for yourself.

As advertised, Lexi Belle is the perfect Sailor Moon but she was also the perfect Buffy Summers in the triple x Buffy parody also by Lee Roy Myers. You’ll note this video is basically an ad for an interactive porn DVD which is either complete stupidity or a genius deconstruction of my teenage anime porn buying habits.

I’m not saying Woodrocket standards are declining but the most recent parody video, Family Guy, is sitting at a 53% rating. Compare that to the 86% rating on a video entitled ‘Porn Stars Fake Crying’ and you see the extent of the problem.

In all fairness the 'Fake Crying’ is awesome, however I should point out they clearly filmed it at the AVNs back to back with a bunch of other questions and skits for the 'Ask a Pornstar’ series (Vince at Filmdrunk has a pretty good take on it). I suspect maybe they just got the actors to ‘fake’ cry after the ’reading mean tweets’ segment which far from being funny was actually kindof soul destroying.

The latest series they are doing is Gnardians of the Galaxy which was supposed to premier last week according to Filmdrunk but seems to be experiencing release schedule delays.

For a bit of a palate cleanse lets wrap this up with some Stepmom porn analysis..

There’s a disturbing genre of porn video that consists of 'step-mom finds teenage daughter having sex with boyfriend and shows her how to fuck’. I find the concept skeevy. But the power dynamic is… interesting. So I tried to deconstruct it and basically it stops being skeevy if you substitute the term 'boss’ for stepmom and 'employee’ for daughter. Then it boils down to its essence which is basically mature woman with more power has her way with younger couple. Which, hot, right?

So with that in mind try watching this Mia Khalifa video. According to Filmdrunk she is currently the #1 rated actor on Pornhub right now - for complex reasons I’m not sure I understand. Sure she’s hot enough but not #1 material. She has a certain enthusiastic genuine quality because she’s new and hasn’t been worn down to a nub by thousands of cocks. But there’s a socio-political element as well because she’s vocally feminist, intellectual and Muslim. I think that last one is the key; I suspect Americans are fascinated with a sexually active, americanized Muslim woman.

At any rate this video isn’t super-special but its worth the watch just for the money-shot at the end which I suspect is a good example of Mia Khalifa’s charm.

I thought this was going to be the funny like Jimmy Kimmel’s celebrities read mean tweets feature.

But no this is super depressing and full of whorephobic racist bullshit. The amount of white guys personally offended by performers doing interracial scenes or their favorite performers not giving them personal attention is majorly fucked up.