• James Deen:I'm a huge Taylor Swift Fan. I think she's amazing, but I don't know who she dates because as far as I'm concerned, she's mine.
  • Friend:Don't you send messages to her all the time?
  • James Deen:Where?
  • Friend:On Twitter!
  • James Deen:No.
  • Friend:You've never tweeted at her?
  • James Deen:No. Why would I tweet at her? I don't know her. That would be weird. She probably has got a lot of followers. She's not going to be paying attention to me. Plus, I think it would be bad for her image to be gallivanting with an adult film performer.
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Remember That Sponge Bob Porn Parody? Chapter Two Is Out… Here’s The Trailer

Well the costume quality has gone down and it looks like Sandy has been recast… other than that I’m still pretty much disturb by this entire thing.

"Wood Rocket—a porn and comedy site (as if we had to tell you)—will be releasing a porn parody of the show in May. The site already produces parodies like Game Of Bones and SpongeKnob SquareNuts, and it will now add Doctor Whore to its repertoire. Since that name leaves something to be desired—especially since its punchline is visual rather than auditory—we humbly suggest Doctor Screw as an alternative."

I really try not to post about these damn porn parodies any more because they’re widely known and frankly they bring in strange traffic. But how the hell could I ignore an all female case for Futurama? Then I saw the Not Safe For Work pictures and all I could think about was how much these girls need this job… so that they could apparently buy food. Seriously is there like an address that I could send a sandwich to? It’s hard to believe them as the character and not some creepy French models or some shit. And Zoidberg… don’t get me started on Zoidberg… disgusting. And those shoes are too big for her, that will cause a blister.


All Female Futurama Porn Parody Has Creepy Zoidberg (NSFW) I really try not to post about these damn porn parodies any more because they’re widely known and frankly they bring in strange traffic.

The rocket mass heater is a very sufficient way to heat a house (or a green house) with very little wood. here is how it works:

The sticks stand straight up. Only the bottom ends of the sticks burn. The fire burns sideways. Since the heat riser is insulated, it gets freaky hot. This causes a strong convective current. When the hot gasses hit the barrel, it gives off a lot of heat, which cools the gasses which get much smaller and easier to push around. The gasses that exit are usually just carbon dioxide and steam.

Here (right) is a much better image showing the mighty power of the insulated heat riser, reburning the smoke and powering the whole system.The real magic happens with the heat riser. The strong convective current is what makes the air get sucked in through the wood feed so that the fire burns sideways and the smoke doesn’t come out. It is also the place where it gets so hot that all of the smoke is burned.

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Katy Pervy Parody

So I just watched Katy Pervy today, and I have a few things to say about it.
1: Funniest parody I’ve ever seen
2: Childhood ruined( not really, I hate Elmo)
3) “Frizzling the Frizz Fries,Flippin the Flimflam,” oh yeah, She’s keepin real y’all! XD
4) Pfff Ahahahaha! Oh god it’s to fucking funny! XD
5) Who can get turnt on by fur?!
6) I’ll never look at Elmo the same way again
7) “So many details….” she says.
Oh by the way! Today’s review is bought to you by the letter M!As in, “This parody Made my day!”And the word of the day is LOL! Go watch it! Anyway I gonna review more stuff so be on the lookout for more reviews my dears!! Seeya!! \(>ω‹)/
- Micahchu