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A guy asked you who are your favourite directors. You counted so many names but you didnt say Hitchcock. Dont you like Hithcock?

i hope this is not rude, i indeed like most of what hitchcock made but, do you realize there are literally hundreds of amazing directors? i’m not fond of the practice in this site of pretending only like 50 films exist, that only probably 10 films in french exist, that maybe only 10 films from brazil exist, that in the 70′s only 5 movies were made, that 25 black and white films are the exact total, that 7 or 8 silent movies were made, that only 3 women directors have ever worked or that someone is capable to know everything about film so it’s easy to narrow any genre, nation, profession to just a couple of names… i find that impossible, so everytime i read people making lists i assume those are artists or movies that are fresh in their minds or they like a lot but in no way i assume they dislike anything else they didn’t mention.


The Cultic Cailleach exists in an almost exclusively female world where she watches over the many daughters and grandaughters that she has. She runs around as a hare (possibly explaining the many kids) and is supernaturally fast and strong.

The Cailleach does mans work as easily as she does womens work and shes given credit for creating the shape of the landscape through pure physical might. That leaves male characters in the majority of cailleach stories as interlopers in her world. She dont need no man.

The lesson in the folk stories could be that the Cailleach is nature personified and all we can hope to do when we fight against nature is come away with our lives.

There are Dolmens passage tombs, standing stones, boulders, round towers and mountains named after her. Shes omni present in the folk stories about the Irish landscape. A hugely potent symbol of nature and our countries past.

How does it work? My Kali-woman is on the phone
with my father, fighting despite being quiet.  She is 
the rebel child turned fire. She is the only one who 
is unafraid to remember: dislodge her form from 
the many of us and shake herself clean of scars.
How does it work? She breaks things while I hunt
for the shards; I cut the wounds– she laps up the
blood. Like bad milk, I split. Sour water and mush.
I scoff at those who call me beautiful, although
my Kali-woman believes it. She does. She glows.
She is golden skin and fire– yes, again, the fire–
not the kind of flame that goes to waste in putting
itself away. She scorches every palm that comes
near it. I beg for all hands to stay and fear them
all the same, but she– she burns them. I pray 
to us, the sum of us, not less than god-women. 
How does it work? Like bad milk, I split 
into many and Kali holds one by the shoulders
and hurls her through the rocks. She destroys.
The rest of us scramble in her shadows and
are saved– over and over– through her power.
When time dissolves on my tongue, she is the 
sizzle that keeps the sound alive for our dance.

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I was just reading through your blog and noticed that you believe the wage gap doesn't exist? I can assure you it most certainly does. All you have to do is look at the numbers. I agree with you on most other things, being a conservative Jew myself, but I'm just super confused as to why/how you think that. Would you please elaborate on the issue?

The numbers are inaccurate. Women statistically tend to want to stay close to home, Not all, but a good percentage and are more likely to take vacation time and work less stressful and labor intense jobs, like mining, and the like. 

Now, in terms of women being paid less its not because its some kind of oppression thing. Women just tend to pick less risk related work compared to men. Not all, but enough. Not to mention it is kind of illegal to pay women less for the same work. 

Women without children actually tend to make more money. 

Helpful links 

Here’s one 

Here’s another

Here’s a third

And a fourth 

There’s even one with a video. 

Hope this clarified the issue. 

Please read.

Hello, recently I have had a young women use my work without consent. I have reported both websites to the legal teams but it would be highly helpful on behalf to claim full ownship of my work if I had proof from others as well.

All you need to do is report both pages - and choose the option miss use of intellectual work without permission ( etsy you will need to login with facebook )




Please do not purchase these cases. I will be selling my own cases soon. You can purchase these from myself.

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I wanted to thank you for using your platform to speak out on important issues within our society, especially those that impact women. I work as a domestic violence victim advocate and so many of my young clients were unaware that what happened to them was abuse or sexual assault, because our media perpetuates the "stranger rape" myth. I just wanted you to know that you are appreciated as an advocate for women and the LGBT+ community and what you're doing is impacting lives.

Thank you for YOUR work!


Artist Eliza Bennett takes embroidery to an almost shocking level with her work of art Woman’s Work is Never Done.  Through a top layer of the skin in her palm, Bennett sews multicolored thread.  The embroidery pattern resembles a familiar pattern of callouses that develop in hands frequently put to difficult work.  However, beyond its initially shocking impact, Woman’s Work is Never Done also carries a significant socio-political message.  Describing the work in her statement, Bennett says:

“By using the technique of embroidery, traditionally employed to represent femininity and applying it to the expression of it’s opposite, I hope to challenge the preconceived notion that ‘women’s work’ is light and easy.”

via Hi-Fructose (link takes you to their tumblr).

First off, this is a totally acceptable question to ask, and there are a few answers based off of a number of things like your comfort levels with various products, access to clean water, duration of time spent in the field, etc. But, definitely this is something that is not talked about enough and the fact that women feel sheepish to bring it up is too bad. So, here is what I’ve learned:

We spent about 14 of the 21 days in isolation in the jungle while filming our Amazon Adventure series in Peru - which, compared to a lot of field courses, really isn’t that long. But, there was no running water or going to the pharmacy for emergencies. Out of a team of 20+ people I was 1 of 4 women so I was not counting on there being a surplus of supplies in case I ran out, and in stressful or unusual situations it’s not uncommon for one’s cycle to become irregular and I know a lot of women who end up menstruating for a few solid weeks as their bodies adjust to the new environment – so, be sure to pack extras. Like, 3x what you think you may need. 

Our toilets were basically holes dug in the ground with huts built around them for some privacy - the first camp had seats made of raw wood if you wanted to be seated. Bottom line was that anything that went into the pit (human waste and some garbage) was ultimately covered in sawdust and burned when we were done with the site. So, it was totally fine to bring tampons with cardboard applicators. I didn’t use pads because it was very hot and sweaty in the jungle and it would have been added discomfort for me. I recommend bringing some type of personal bathroom wipe, too. 

One option for a lot of women is to use something like a DivaCup, or a similar reusable product. I didn’t for a few reasons: I’m not familiar with using them, was self-conscious about the possibility of having to sanitize it in in our communal cooking area, and wasn’t confident about sanitizing it using the local unfiltered water sources. Next time I’m definitely going to look into it since I know it’s a popular option for a lot of people. 

Lastly, no matter what you decide on I’d also emphasize the importance of speaking with your doctor about your upcoming adventure. If you’re on birth control, definitely discuss the possibility of changing your dosage or application to help mitigate some of the monthly discomforts of your cycle in a way that is safe and healthy for you. Being in the field is tough enough as it is with all of the pressures and responsibilities of conducting hard work in unfamiliar places - dealing with your period should be the least of your concerns.