Volatile Times, drawn in Photoshop

More Winter Soldier art. I think this is actually my first (finished) digital painting of him wearing his combat gear instead of civvies? 

For the curious, the gun I’ve drawn here is a Zastava M12 Black Spear, an anti-material rifle that fires 12.7mm Soviet ammunition up to 1.8 kilometers

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How They Make You a Weapon - masterlist

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How They Make You a Weapon    fic series

How Hydra turned Bucky Barnes into the Winter Soldier  (told through the Winter Soldier’s eyes) | 39K words total, runs from pre-CA:TWS to post CA:TWS

includes side- missions: Control (1989), Juneau (1994), Siberia (1953), Woodstock(1969)

How They Make You a Weapon — the Comic:

Shave and a Haircut


1989-comic: part 1, part 2

words by monicawoe, art by luckyraeve


Oh my gosh, you have watch this. How have I never found this?!