Winnie Au


Canine Chronicles by photographer Winnie Au, these are a few preview images from an upcoming book she is working on; Canine Chronicles: A Century of History’s Most Notable Dogs. The book is the result of a successful kickstarter page, and has its own tumblr page.

Dogs in clothes! There is nothing not to like about this. Im sure the book will be really nice, the concept is that they show fictional dogs of the most important people of the 20th century. So above is Albert Einstein, a Steve Jobs husky and a Charlie Chaplin pug.


On May 5, Photographer Winnie Au had a quick morning capturing Brooklyn Magazine’s cover subject, Annie Clark of St. Vincent, in Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Photo studio.

Model through it, Annie.

AU where Jean is a cranky movie director/scriptwriter and Marco is the too-nice actor they cast to play the main character and they slowly start falling for each other as they both stand on opposing ends of the camera. (◕‿◕✿)