Please check out my shop!

My finances have run really low this month, and I’m not going to be able to afford rent until a few days after it’s already considered late. I’d really appreciate it if you could help boost up this business, since it’s really the only way I can bring in money between paychecks. Not asking for free handouts here! You can purchase something very neat for yourself- your favorite animal or pokemon as a unique sculpture, some customized knitting, or even window clings to decorate your glass, bumper, or small electronics.

I promise my prices are reasonable! Which just means I need a lot more than one or two people to make a purchase. If you’ve got any friends who can appreciate the finer crafty things in life, please pass this along! Much thanks!




I’ve developed an MST3K window cling. That means you can stick it on your TV without any worry about it doing any damage. There’s no adhesive so it just pulls right off and, unlike a decal, you can reuse it over and over. Personally I have to take mine off when I’m playing Skyrim but then I just smooth it back on when I’m watching TV. I like to imagine that my Gizmonic friends are quipping on everything I watch. Get your very own MST3K window cling here!


This was the only commission I got at Youmacon 2014. It’s a Gallery Glass window sticker of Lewis, from Mystery Skulls’ “Ghost” animated video. I’d never heard of the thing before, and just thought it was a cool-looking skeleton character, but after so many people recognized him while the paint dried, I had to have a look at the video they kept telling me about. It’s pretty nifty!

As far as the cling itself goes, pretty standard stuff. I had fun using the pearlescent paint on the skull and ribs, with just plain white on the shirt.