FAKE TV SHOW MEME Lucy Liu, Arden Cho, and John Cho in a Gilmore Girls sort of remake. John Cho is the Luke equivalent, obviously. Alternatively, Arden Cho as Lucy Liu’s wayward niece who gets shipped off to her aunt’s for the summer. John Cho as Lucy’s neighbour/boyfriend/soul mate. (for lys.

I am shameful for purging my perspectives on you,
for confessing that I view so much of the world as art.

I see two bodies;
pressed, humming and soaked on sheets
as a personification for paintbrushes pleading themselves
over a canvas that is waiting to be stretched and glossed.

You were never one for sentimental honesty.

I have trouble refraining myself from romanticizing the ordinary,
from avoiding the comfort of desired colours
that over power the outlining sketch.

I am fond of complexity,
and long for someone who explores themselves the way I do.

There are many things to detest in the world,
but a lover that allows herself to expand further than her body
should not be one of them.

—  Alessia Di Cesare, Untitled.

dear interwebs,

i’ve lost almost 10 pounds since my break up with my ex-boyfriend and can FINALLY fit back into my old pinup lingerie that I am obsessed with. i felt (still feel) weird about posting myself in my skivvys on tumblr (but then again…its just like a swimsuit right?) anyways…this is me saying FUCK YOU to a society where thighs that touch are considered “gross” and girls with curves are thought to be the “before” pictures in weight loss. well folks, let me tell you this…i feel damn sexy with my curves. sure, there are some insecurities here or there (i am human afterall) but i have learned to love my body so much more since being away from such a toxic relationship. yes, i would love to lose more weight and get down to a healthier bmi…but for the time being…i love my body! i am not going to sit around hating myself until the scale says my goal (which i have done in the past with my unrealstic/unhealthy yo-yo dieting). i have suffered from an eating disorder throughout the past 9 years of my life that comes and goes as it pleases. my ex would constantly comment on my appearance, my weight, what i was eating..etc. in a string of verbal abuse no man will ever throw my way again. so FUCK YOU to the world with an obsession of thinspo, thigh gaps, and unhealthy weightloss. FUCK YOU to ex-boyfriends or men in general who think they can tell a woman what she can and cannot eat or treat her less if she has gained weight within a relationship. people are beautiful no matter what their size is and everyone’s bodies are different. enough with this unrealistic hollywood picture of what “beautiful” is. feel beautiful with how you look right now! because you are. and anyone or anything that tells you differently can FUCK OFF. (pardon my french)



(i will probs regret posting this later…oh well) 


(Pulls out megaphone & Siri-will explain this later!) ATTENTION DIPSHIT ANTIS: when the TOP FOUR start looking like the BOTTOM FOUR HUNDRED (teehee top bottom see what I did there-Heyyyyy Nnamdi!!!) THEN & ONLY THEN do you have something to even ATTEMPT to address a TERRY with. Until then….go back to your hovels & STFU!!!!!! We’ve already proven & supported what we KNOW with constitutional law & statues, state regulations, flight manifests, & COMMON FUQQQQQQING SENSE. If any of you are in a relationship & your PHOTOS of you & your so called SIGNIFICANT OTHER look like the TOP FOUR, I suggest a divorce attorney STAT (OOOH more of my magic), counseling, & a calling a funeral director because YOU’RE SCHITTTT IS DEAD!


Your armour is dented, marred not only by men’s swords but also wounds of their betrayal that cut deep ‘neath your chain mail.

You are fae-touched, by the black-eyed Leviathan who blinks at you from the Wrenhaven’s depths. He, from the dark abyss of the sky, from the void, watches you and waits.

He knows you can do better.

I’ve been working on this over the past few days now, more Medieval AU (god, I love me some AUs oops). It was challenging to work on but I’m pleased with how it turned out~ 


Miles & Monroe | 2.10 Preview (x -geolocked)

"His name’s Connor…"

this took 4000 years but it done

i want to do an artist’s alley table with maria and izzy so i had to put five samples into the application for a table and this is the only one out of five that will actually be sold if we get a table at NDK 2014

it’s 3:40 am omg also open high-res in new tab to see it full size


ɪᴍᴘᴇʀɪᴀʟ sᴇɴᴀᴛᴏʀ ᴀᴜ - ᴘᴀʀᴛ ɪɪɪ

When Obi-wan Kenobi decided to remain on Coruscant, to protect and support the transfer of the most vulnerable out of the Empire’s grasp, he never thought it would be permanent. He expected to be dead within the year. He’s still not sure whether or not his luck has been a gift, or a sign that somehow the Force has something worse planned for him.

A quiet child and diligent padawan, Obi-wan suspects the remnants of the Council appointed him to be an experienced nodding head for younger survivors to follow. What they didn’t know was of all of his regrets, none run deeper than the orders he followed in the war. When Yoda tried to close the curtain around the vestiges of the Order and draw them deeper into insularity, it was Obi-wan who suggested Bail Organa and later Padme Amidala. It was Obi-wan who created the system to find gifted children - of any age - before they could be taken into the Inquisitorius or the Hands.

He tries to keep mindful of the present, of padawans without masters, younglings who have known only threat of extermination their whole lives. The children who need instruction in how to trick a Stormtrooper more than they need to know the proper forms. But in the under-levels of the glittering, decaying megalopolis, sometimes it is his ghosts that feel like his only company.

I tried to make this happier but then the trio were involved and that was the end of that. (I keep trying not to make the text so long ah whoops).I think what I like so much about AUs is that somewhere in the twisted reflection of what might have happened you get to hint at the parts you liked best in the first place, in a context that strips away what that grew dull with familiarity.

Might take a break from this after the next one to do the color palette suggestions I’ve got in my inbox that I promise I didn’t forget about. It’s still open if anyone wants to put more in there, too.