Whether it’s the one in Richmond, VA or Lexington, KY, give a girl some fried food at Cookout and I swear she’ll be happy

The number of subtle gay/bisexual characters that seem to be showing up in kids’ movies and tv shows now makes me wish even harder for a continuation or something for Gargoyles. Lexington actually getting to in subtext probably explore his sexuality. I want it so much.


Illustrator Alex Fine is divine, and like Divine the drag superstar, a staple in the Baltimore Arts. He’s our second interviewed artist to be obsessed with drawing hair. Whether it’s Lorde’s long locks or the purple sheen of a Raven’s feathers, it’s such a treat for the eyes. His clean and retro-inspired style is perfect for his hundreds of spot-on accurate portraits that have graced the covers of websites, magazines, and weekly papers across the US. Check out his website for the full client list. Grab yourself a cold Natty Boh and read on to see what Ray Jones had to ask the Rockabilly illustrator that never sleeps.

- Shanon Weltman


Lexington. Still waiting for someone to wise up and make a Gargoyles animated movie. Somebody, go make some phone calls and get cracking. Until then, I’m just going to keep going with these paintings. I’m trying to do these so that, at the end, I’ll be able to have a nice line up. 8 more characters to go.