Will Imagine for Alex

A/N: I figured that since it’s going to be halloween season soon, might as well start getting into it!! Hope you like it Alex :) Please continue to message me ideas and/or requests you have. Like I always say, my writing for you is what keeps this blog going!! Love you guys to the moon and back ♡ 

“Alex are you almost ready?” Will shouted to you from the room. “I’m just finishing up my makeup!” you yelled as you opened the bathroom door. He stood in the doorway and crossed his arms. “You look awesome!” he said excitedly. “You don’t look bad yourself Peter,” you said with a smile. Tonight you and Will had been invited to David’s Halloween party and the invitation specifically said to dress up. The fact that you were a Disney movie lover didn’t make it difficult to come up with ideas and you two decided on being Peter Pan and Wendy. “Wearing tights is weird and awkward,” Will said, adjusting his costume. “But this was such a good idea and you know it,” you told him. “That is true,” he agreed. You finished your mascara and turned to face him. “Ready?” you asked. “Ready!” Will said, grabbing your hand and basically dragging you out the door.

“This party is way cool,” you said to Will. All the decorations were creative and cute but spooky all at once. You two were sitting at a table along with Will’s band mates. “I think it was cool how they have bowls of dry ice on the tables like it makes it scarier,” Will said. “I think the best is how they made the chairs look like gravestones,” Dana added. Cole nodded in agreement and was about to comment, but was interrupted by someone on the microphone. “Hi everyone!” David said, standing on a platform at the front of the room. “I just want to say thanks for coming to the party and there is a small surprise I am about to reveal. The reason I asked for costumes to be worn was because we are going to have a contest! I have asked certain people to observe and check out their favorites so we can narrow it down. Our nominees are, Cole as a walker from the Walking Dead, Nishil as Iron Man and lastly, Will and Alex as Peter Pan and Wendy!” Everyone clapped and cheered and you and Will looked at each other with smiles plastered on both your faces. “There is a purple and black table in the back to cast your votes and we will revisit in an hour! Now everyone, get up and dance!” David finished before some music started playing. “Will people like our costumes!” you said excitedly, before hugging him. “I know, maybe we’ll win! Now how about we dance a bit?” he suggested. “Sure!” you said happily. As soon as you stood up, you heard a noise and felt something on your foot. You looked down to see your dress had tore and there was blue fabric on your foot. “Oh my god!” you shrieked. Will looked at you and saw your dress. You immediately ran outside as Will chased after you. You stood outside the doors and just looked at your dress. “Alex, what happened?” he asked. You started to get teary-eyed and said, “My dress got caught on my chair as I was standing and now it’s ruined.” You wrapped your arms around Will and put your face into his chest as tears fell down your cheeks. “Aw it’s ok darling,” he said, putting his arms around you and rubbing your back. “Let’s go home. We won’t win that prize and I can’t believe I’m crying, my makeup must be running. Ugh I probably look awful now,” you said with a sniffle. “Ok first of all, you have never looked awful and you will never ever look awful. Even if you wore a trash bag you would be insanely gorgeous. Secondly, we are not going home because we are going to have fun even if we lose. I will not let you go home unhappy,” he said, tilting your head to look up at him. “How will I go back in with a torn dress?” you asked. Will got down on his knees, tore that strip of fabric off all the way around the dress to create a straight edge. He threw away the fabric and said, “Now your dress is fixed and you look beautiful. Now, how about we go grab that dance we talked about?” he said, holding out his hand. You smiled, gave him a kiss and let him lead you back to the party. You two danced and had an incredible time. You were so happy you had forgotten there was a wardrobe malfunction at all. The laughter and smiles made your night amazing and after a few songs, the music stopped and David appeared again. “Alright, are we ready to find out who won the contest?!” he shouted. All the guests cheered and got excited. “Ok your winner is,” he started as he opened an envelope, “Will and Alex!” Everyone applauded and hollered for you two as you headed up to the platform where David was standing. “Want to know what you won?” David asked you two. “Of course we do!” Will said enthusiastically. “I have here, two tickets to Six Flags’ Fright Fest! And they are for you!” David said, handing you two an envelope. You and Will jumped up and down and thanked David. After that, you two decided to call it a night. On your way out, Will put his arm around you and said, “So did you have fun?” “I had tons of fun Will! Thank you so much for an incredible evening,” you said before kissing him. He stopped and grabbed both of your hands. “I’m glad that you had a good time. I am also glad you’re going to fright fest with me because I wanted to go but I am super scared,” he admitted. You laughed and said, “I will protect you. But seriously, thank you. You definitely made this night amazing.” He kissed you and said, “I did it because I wanted you to have fun. And because I love you.” You squeezed his hands and said, “I love you too,” with a giant smile before continuing on your way out.