In Oberstdorf, an old village in Southern Bavaria, a unique ancient pagan tradition is still alive – the dance of the wild men (Wilde-Mändle-Tanz), which is held only in this small town, once in five years. 

Wilde-Mändle-Tanz is dedicated to the Germanic god Thor, and involves 13 men, all of whom belong to old local families who have been living in that region for centuries. The men’s costumes are made of moss, which grows only in the  Allgäu Alps

They dance to rhythmic drum music, building a pyramid, and at the end they drink mead from their wooden mugs, singing a ritual song.


Too Many IPAs

India Pale Ales account for more than 25% of the Oregon beer market. All beer, not just craft. But it seems that everything is an IPA these days. Black IPA, brown IPA, rye IPA, red IPA, white IPA, and now farmhouse IPA. I don’t know about you, but it seems that the term IPA is losing its meaning. Of these new styles, half of them don’t even pretend to be pale. And what does India have to do with it?

I understand what makes Flying Dog’s Wildeman a farmhouse beer – saison spice, full, tingly, creamy body. I get what makes it an IPA – citrus, grapefruit and lemons, bitterness, etc. Is it a combination of styles or a new style? I understand that the term IPA has cache. It’s a marketing tool. It tells the customer what to expect. But as a marketing tool the term IPA is losing its usefulness. If every craft beer is some sort of IPA why bother putting it on the label?

Over on The New School, Brian Yaeger makes the case for a name change.

His axe is stained with the blood of a thousand adversaries. We fall in behind him as he leads us into the darkness. He turns his gaze on us. “Tentanda via est!” The way must be tried. by by scottdykyj http://instagram.com/p/ccA6S4g59B/

The Life Cycles of a Touring Musician

Cycling 750 kilometers is not an easy feat for the average person. But riding those same 750 kilometres while towing a double bass, an accordion mandolin, two guitars, sound equipment, merchandise, sleeping gear and clothing and you approach the realm of the highly unusual (and possibly slightly crazy). The daily ride is challenging enough but then add to the equation a concert performance every night and you will have a snapshot of the life of a cycle-touring musician.

The  Bikes, Barns, and Beers Tour created by Sunshine Coast singer-songwriter Brett Wildeman and Victoria’s indie-roots group West My Friend will be hitting the road this August. The two musical acts combine their talents from August 17th to 22nd, at which point Wildeman will continue the journey thru August 31st.

‘I hope the tour inspires people to become more involved in their local food systems while considering alternative modes of transport when running day to day errands, or embarking on multi-day trips. We live in an society extremely dependent upon motor vehicles. This tour demonstrates there are viable alternatives’- Brett Wildeman

Pursuing and promoting environmentally sensitive touring methods while connecting with their audiences at unique, small scale, and environmentally focused venues (primarily organic farms), illustrates that that these young musicians are committed to their artistry while living in harmony with the planet.

Tour Dates
August 17 | Mayne Island, BC @ Camassia Café  

August 18 | Duncan, BC @ Birds Eye Cove Farm

August 19 | Salt Spring Island, BC @ Duck Creek Farm

August 20 | Nanaimo, BC @ Green Lake Farm  

August 21 | Thetis Island, BC @ Jollity Farm

August 22 | Duncan, BC @ Providence Farm #

August 24 | Lantzville, BC @ Lantzville Farms Market #

August 27 | Hornby Island, BC @ Hornby Island Farmers Market #

August 28 | Courtenay, BC @ Ripple Farm  #

August 29-31 | Quadra Island, BC @ Quadrapalooza #

# Brett Wildeman (solo)

The tour is proudly sponsored by Sitka, Ethical Bean Coffee & Overgrow The System

RSVP on Facebook -> HERE

Visit their websites for more information:  http://brettwildeman.com/ & http://westmyfriend.com/

Tuesday Nov 15th.

sometimes life gets away from you. sometimes you need to step back, take a deep breath, and look at yourself in the mirror and what stands in front of you. sometimes you get ahead of yourself, trying to plan the unplanable. shit happens. all you can do is learn from it. tonight i play guitar. simple. will not be planning anything. deal.

the last portion of text has little to do with what i am about to type………….

I am super pumped for Saturday night at the Prop House Cafe. Playing with Fraser Valley boy Ian Schram & newly recently returned Vancouver Islander Francesca Belcourt . Both are on the come up.

Last night the three of us connected with CiTR Folk Oasis Host Val Cormier. It was a lovely time. you can check our interview and live performance below.


The idea of recording a new album started last summer. After cycle-touring a good part of Oregon & Californian coast, I was inspired. The combination of cycling, moving back to the Sunshine Coast, and current events led to the penning of the album.

Every year at Christmas time many of childhood friends return to the Sunshine Coast to celebrate the holidays with their families. Many Coast String Fiddler alumni have gone on to pursue music elsewhere in Canada, so Christmas time provides a great opportunity to reconnect with these old friends.

Mother Earth was recorded over a 4-day period at Strait Sound on the Sunshine Coast during December/January of 2012/13. Ray Fulber, the owner of Strait Sound, made us feel at home, allowing us record to the wee hours. Sessions often started at 9AM, ending between 2-3AM.

James Law was the cornerstone of the recording process. His recording engineer wizardry combined with his musical abilities made our tight time-line feasible. Without him, the album would have never gotten off the ground.

The majority of the album was recorded live off the floor. I sat in the control room with my guitar, while James sat on his drum stool in the live room. He counted us in, and off to the races we went.

Before we even started tracking the album, I knew I wanted Jon Anderson (Buena Vista Audio) involved in mixing/mastering. I was a huge fan of his work, including projects with Jordan Klassen, Andy Shauf and Aidan Knight. It was a dream come true when we finalized the plans to connect in March to mix the album. He is a humble, soft spoken guy, who has a ear for music. Thanks to Jon for being involved in the project.

Sarah Clement is an amazing artist & illustrator. It just happened she lives up the road from me in Roberts Creek. Fancy that.  After a coffee at the Gumboot Café, a number of beach walks discussing music/art, we settled on an animal that would represent the album: the turtle. I was blown away by the elegance of the turtle she created.

The album artwork and design was tied together my April Alayon. Her ability to meld the text to Sarah’s turtle made the album cohesive. I am very thankful for her lending her skills to the project.

Mother Earth is NOW available on iTunes  & Bandcamp 

Thanks to everyone made this album possible

I look forward to seeing you at the East Café on Friday July 12th for the Album Release Party. If you live else where in BC, check out the shows section of the website for tour dates.


This is Kitty Wilde. She is currently twenty-one years old, residing in New York City, a student / giants cheerleading, and currently single.

It’s been going on four years since the class of 2008 have graduated. Four years since they graduated from William McKinley High School in Newport Beach, California. Four years since they had all gone their separate ways to accomplish their dreams and goals towards their futures. Some of them had stayed in California while others migrated to New York City. However, as fate would have it, everyone is finding themselves in New York City as they officially start the rest of their lives. Some are graduating from college, some are making their dreams come true. However, they’re all making new friends. New York City is one of the busiest cities, but it’s also one where you run into just about anyone and everyone. There’s also some fresh faces our graduating class have met, how will everyone take to one another? Will new friendships be formed like the one Sam and Ryder have made, or will some be unlucky and form some sort of dislike with one another?


Kitty Wilde is a twenty-one Orlando, Florida native. She grew up in Florida before graduating from her local high school. Growing up, she wasn’t quite sure what it was she wanted to do with her life. Kitty always had everything handed to her, minus having friends. She was pretty, she was popular, the boys wanted to date her, but if it was something she could never get, it was a friend. Most people made friends easily, not Kitty. Her snarky attitude was sometimes a turn off, not to mention she always had walls up to prevent people from really getting in. It was one reason why her relationships never really lasted. Her weekends were spent home alone, her mother and father always out on business trips or vacations, never something Kitty could attend. It didn’t bother her until she was in high school, there she learned the importance of family, friends, and having someone to keep you sane. However, Kitty always found herself a lonewolf. 

Once she  graduated, Kitty was determined to start a new leaf. She moved to New York, where she’s currently a junior at NYU, living on campus with a roommate she can’t stand (Marley Rose), studying Psychology. Kitty plans to be someone that children and teens can talk to. From experience, she knows what it’s like to not have someone there or a shoulder to cry on. The only problem is, she still has the same walls up. 

In her spare time, Kitty likes to go out to the clubs, that is when she’s not cheering for the New York Giants. A few times she’s tried to get her college roommate to go out, but Marley and Kitty are polar opposites, it never really seems to work.